MD's fav

Hey folks!! I am Saroj Lama Tamang (SLT), founder and MD (managing director) of KHHI Nepal. I have been in this field for around 20 years. I am history student and I am passionate towards Nepali history and our beloved knife. Presented below are some of my personal favorite kukris and knives. If I had to go out in the greens or wild then I would carry at least two pieces of these along with other necessary gears and wears. I have personally used the knives on many occasions and have put them to hard tastings that went very good and I was thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. Some are traditional ones, some improvised and some are modern ones. Nonetheless I have always been the fan of typical raw kukri from the history since I started studying these amazing knives and realized its value. To have the khukuri and Gorkha as an indispensable part of our glorious history it gives me enormous joy and I myself to be in this business it gives me huge self satisfaction and sense of pride. I hope you like my choices. HAPPY KHUKURI :) :)

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