Desert Operation Kukri (Allied Force)

Desert Operation Kukri (Allied Force)

a lethal warfare knife in the desert and a friendly domestic tool at home ..

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  • Blade Length (in): 10.5
  • Handle Length (in): 5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: White Wood
  • Sheath: normal black leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 615
  • Overall weight (gm): 750
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1100
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 82.00

Desert Operation Kukri, specially made for Allied Forces in the Middle-East; Warfare Knife in the Sands


This kukri has the ability and quality like that of the allied force to perform to its optimum by delivering great satisfaction and a job well-done reaction. It is an aggressive warfare knife in the desert for a soldier and a friendly domestic tool a person can own. A modern design double-edged kukri knife specially designed for the Allied Force working together in the deserts.

handle-of-Desert-KukriBlade: The blade is 10.5 inches long with unpolished finishing. This unpolished finishing enhances the cutting ability and durability of the blade as losing of temper is prevented by avoiding the long machinery process undertaken to polish a blade. The blade has added edge at the upper section for enhanced performance. It is sharp and sleek, making it function as a stabbing knife. The overall blade has a contemporary and stylish look.


Handle (5”):

sheath-of-Desert-KukriThe handle is the main feature of the kukri. It's crafted in such a way that it provides a superior grip at all times. The two flared up parts at two ends of the handle give very secured handling of the knife. It has the famous ‘Panawal’ version (FFT; full flat tang) handle scales glued by epoxy to the tang and 3 Rivets to strengthen the whole fixture. This full flat metal tang that follows the shape and size of the handle can be clearly seen from outside. The handle pieces are made of white rosewood to give an overall matching look and sturdiness. The bottom of the handle features a lanyard hole where a string can go through that prevents the dropping of kukri away from the hand. The contours of the handle provide good grip and protection. 


Scabbard: The scabbard is made from normal black leather. It has a frog with belt loops at the back and cream leather string at the front for a better look and stronger hold. It also features a lanyard loop at the tip.

Besides its military usage, it is also a fully functional domestic knife. As for a common kukri lover; it is a modified or improved version to adopt the changes of time and to enhance the overall performance.


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| 28th January, 2024 | David Cee Australia

This ‘Desert Operations Kukri’ arrived earlier than expected. The blade, handle and scabbard exceeded my expectations. It is a handmade functional piece of art . Many many thanks to KHHI & to Kami Kumar Rasailly

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