Australia warehouse (Adelaide, SA)

Delivery within 7 days (business) or get your money back!! PRICE includes SHIPPING.

Designated for all Australia buyers, this extraordinary service/offer cuts down prices, avoids tax, eliminates the distance barrier, and sets the mind at 100% ease as these kukris/ knives are already out there in “ready-to-ship” mode in Adelaide, SA. Now you have all the reasons to smile and relax all the way – You save, it's swift and above all NO TAX hassle so you are totally relaxed. These selected original high-quality knives await you. So hurry up guys we have very limited Stock!!

- PRICE incl. SHIPPING cost ( within Australia ONLY)
- Select products from this category ONLY since these products are already in Australia. Buying other products will add shipping costs and time frames.
- Post-sales like engraving, logo imprint, custom finishing, and minor/major changes are not possible


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