This section is entirely dedicated to our new creations that are born in 'Khukuri House', exclusively designed by 'Khukuri House' or some that may have been reproduced from the design of customers that was manufactured in 'Khukuri House', of course with their consent. Some new arrivals also include the designs that are made with deep research and interaction done with Khukuri experts which have never failed us and have topped our bestseller list...   

Find some of the newest released productions of Khukuri House, Nepal

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India WareHouse Buying Kukri in India is now easy and hassle free, 'Khukuri House' warehouse in Mumbai, India. Ready-to-Ship mode, Guaranteed delivery, Limited Stock!!

GI1 Kukri The First Gurkha Issue Kukri; its issuance commenced after the Indian mutiny in ca 1859-60; played its part in the history and development of British, India, Nepal and Gurkhas..

DBAD creations (Badass Knives); Knives designed by Donnie B famously known as DBAD; custom-designed handmade knives.

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