Khukuri Forged in Fire (Raw 3 Chirre)

Khukuri Forged in Fire (Raw 3 Chirre)

A classic kukri forged in fire, forged to serve, created to survive, save and sustain ..

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  • Blade Length (in): 13
  • Handle Length (in): 5.5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: dark rosewood
  • Sheath: Black leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 725
  • Overall weight (gm): 925
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1300
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 9
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 97.00

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Kukri Forged in Fire (Raw 3 Chirre); with fullers in the raw Blade

This is the simple version of legendary Ripper Kukri

kukri-forgingThe name supports the construction and authenticity of the khukuri as it is entirely hand-forged, handcrafted in and around fire by the skillful hands of the Kamis who are also known as the world’s best khukuri maker. The black raw look comes straight from the traditional coal forge which is actually the result of the heat treatment (quenching). And the same raw surface is left in order to retain the hardness and hence durability. Such khukuris are very commonly used in the rural of Nepal where making facility is very limited but demand very high. Most people are farmers and vegetation is vital and unavoidable in their rural lives hence a proper knife always plays a key role to go about their daily lives. Raw 3 Chirre is an old fashioned, in typical format; an old school version having the basic features however chirra is added to benefit the blade and also to give a special look and great value to this amazing knife.

Briefly speaking .. the blade is 13 inch long having chirre (fullers) and comes in a RAW finished state for extra durability and strength. Hence the name RAW 3 CHIRRE.

Classic Nepalese Kukri Crafted to Serve & Survive

why CHIRRE or FULLER?? its advantages ...
Chirra or Fuller version for power, performance and beauty also supports the knife physically and technically by equally distributing the impact/pressure felt by the edge when slammed against an object. The shock felt by the edge is evenly distributed in a wavy form to all parts of the blade before it finally reaches the spine (stress cannot go straight to the spine). The chirras also cut down the unnecessary weight of the blade. The “Forging and Grinding” of the Chirra in the blade is a difficult work that requires great skill and hard work which is done by a very qualified craftsman only.

The handle is 5” long traditional parawal but in which the usual Ridges and Rings are discarded for easier, more comfortable and better grip. The wooden handle is plain cylindrical adapted for great grip and nothing more. Thick 18 gauge Brass plate is used for Bolster and Butt Cap for heavy duty usage and to avoid rust (no maintenance).

The scabbard is wood covered with Water Buffalo Leather. It also has a modified frog that can carry the knife in an angular position, so is adapted for easier and more effective carriage. The khukuri hangs from the belt in such a way (see photo) that drawing in and out is easier and faster. The modified frog also aids the user to carry the knife in chest area.

That is why we say >> "a kukri forged in fire, forged to serve, created to survive, save and sustain.."


Fam Day Out with 'RAW 3 CHIRRE' >> a letter to our dear khukuri...

Dear “Raw 3 Chirre” Khukuri,
Thank you. We had a great time with you during our trip. It was a memorable one.  We felt very protected than the trips we went previously. I felt as a guardian angel was with me and we had the power to move on forward and through any situation, we get into. It gave us a sense of pride to have you as our national weapon and part of our culture and history. I am happy as my father is very much related with you. Thank you very much dear Khukuri, you will forever remain within us. Jai Khukuri!!

Sparsh Mahan Tamang
Premier International IB world school
Grade 2 Yellow
11th Nov 2017


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