the 18th century Scottish Dirk

the 18th century Scottish Dirk

An iconic weapon from history. Like the Khukuri to Nepalese, the Scottish Dirk has its own history, significance and nationalism in Scotland..

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  • Blade Length (in): 13
  • Handle Length (in): 6
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Sheath: Brown Leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 555
  • Overall weight (gm): 725
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1150
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 7
  • Edge grinding: Convex
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USD 199.00

Fully Functional Scottish Dirk; icon of Highlanders forged in the Himalayas...

Description of Scottish Dirk.
The KHHI’s 18th Century Dirk is perfect for anyone who wants an iconic weapon, similar to those used by the Highlanders of Scotland.  
The full tang 13” clip point blade comes with fullers, a thick spine and a sharpened swedge.  The sharp blade also has a reliably strong tip and a good chopping weight.
A brass guard and butt complete a carved wooden handle, designed to mimic the Celtic rope patterns found on Scottish dirks.  This ornately carved handle gives a non-slip grip as well as looking good enough to wear on formal occasions (Scottish weddings, Highland games etc).
Finally, the18th Century Scottish Dirk comes complete with a brown leather sheath, with a large loop that is suitable for kilt belts.  
Important things >> 
  • the blade has a strong spear tip (NOT a curved Bowie clip)
  • 13 inch blade, strong and sharp; a sharp spear tip with two fullers, the spine is thick, sharpened top edge near the tip is about 4-5 inch long
  • CARRY: the dirk is worn on the right hand side with the sharp edge facing to the back of the carrier when its in sheath
Review of Scottish Dirk by the buyer (orderer)
scottish-dirk-MakingWhen I first approached KHHI about the possibility of making a Scottish dirk, they were very friendly and helpful. We discussed the style, blade, and handle, and I received photos of every stage of the knife making process. Unlike many factory made knives, the Khukuri House produce traditionally crafted blades, made by a blacksmith and master weapons maker. This added a nice authenticity and a historical touch to the dirk. 
When I received the dirk, I was delighted to find the weapon felt light enough to control very easily and strong and sharp enough to take into battle (if I were back at Culloden).  I was really surprised at how nice the carved handle was, considering that Celtic designs are not a speciality of Nepalese knife makers.
I have no hesitation in recommending the KHHI 18th Century Scottish Dirk to anyone who wants to add to their traditional weapons collection, or to those who want a good quality dirk for a Scottish themed event. 
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the favorite of my entire collection...

| 15th September, 2022 | Darren Raleigh Iowa, USA

Dear Yumitra,

I have received my custom dirk from your shop and I have a few comments about it. Before explaining my comments, I would like to let you know that I am trained in blade combat more than most people have been.  After my years of training I have settled on my own hybrid technique, which I have drawn from several blade-combat disciplines.

Also, I am an avid collector of Scottish dirks. They work well for my combat style, and as I am a person aware of my heritage I like to participate in historical gatherings at which I am often dressed in Scottish historical clothes. It is nice to know that the dirk on my belt is more than ceremonial; it is a reliable friend if there were to be a situation in which I must defend myself or others.

I told you all that so that you would know that what I am about to tell you about the Dirk I received yesterday are from a qualified opinion.

Now, to my critique of this dirk:  it is faultless. It is suddenly the favorite of my entire collection.  As you may be aware, this is a custom piece; I wanted the grip a little bit different from the standard ones your company makes, and this grip could not fit my hand better if I had come to Nepal to visit with the Kami. 

The blade handles more like a short sword than a long knife. Though I never expect to do violence with it, I am sure that it is more than the equal of any weapon of comparable size that it might meet.  If I suddenly had to take one of the dirks from my collection and fight with it, this is the first one I would reach for.

I would appreciate it if you would let Milan Biswokarma know my opinion of his work.  I would also like to ask for a personal favor:  would you please see that whatever notes, dimensions, specifications…which were used to create this weapon are preserved under my name?  Because if this were ever to be stolen I would want another just like it.  In fact, I may want several more to give as gifts. 

And I have an idea for another weapon, which I would ask no other person but Milan Biswokarma to make, at some time in the future.

I will soon order the leather and other materials to make the scabbard for this dirk; as I mentioned in my initial contact I make all my own blade-leather.  Please let me know if you would like a photo of the completed scabbard when I have finished it.  This will be a while; I do not rush my own craftsmanship.

Darren Raleigh (he/his)

amazing 18th century scottish dirk

| 27th May, 2022 | michael strait Santa Fe, Texas, USA

i ordered this dirk with a few personal specifications. this weapon is the best quality knife i ever bought! you could pay alot more somewhere else and get alot less! ii told my wife to make sure that i am buried with this thing!

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