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The Multifaceted Kukri (BushMan)

The Multifaceted Kukri (BushMan)

multi-featured (hacker, slicer, saw, hammer) 7 inch survival/ hunting knife ...

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  • Blade Size (in): 7
  • Handle Size (in): 4
  • Blade Material: 52100
  • Sheath: Black Leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 625
  • Overall weight (gm): 725
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1000
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 9
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 79.99

One Tool; Multiple functions 

KHHI respects the queries and suggestions that come from customers. Hence comes the knife with diverse features to accomplish many different objectives, it is a multi-purpose 7” bladed survival knife. To maintain the Multifaceted blade is a small yet bulky hacker to whack things out deep in the jungle and hence the name "BushMan".

Blade: The blade is made unique to accomplish the multi-task that it has been made for. The front portion of the blade is bulged out expansively to accomplish easy, effortless and effective swing. The spine of the lower shoulder is forged completely flat and left rough and wide in order to use it as a hammer. This area of the blade is equally well tempered to stand beating and thumping. Spine/edge of the upper shoulder has a serrated back, having multiple sharp cuts to work in a tactical, utility and constructive purpose like Saw does. The bevel or the back portion of the blade is forged straight to be used as a knife to for slicing and slitting. The blade is made unpolished to keep good temper and solid cutting ability. A see-through “HOLE” is also made in the blade near the guard which comes as a part of its unique style and to distinguish it from the herd.

Handle: MultiCraft has a superior handle and is made with a lot of significance. Its full flat tang and the riveted handle makes the knife a heavy-duty operational machine. The handle has a cylindrical shape to give easy hold and comfort while working with it. A steel guard fitted on the top of the handle makes the knife safe to use at all times. It works like a divider - separates the handle compartment from the sharp edge of the blade protecting the user's hand from danger. An extension comprising a lanyard hole and chisel in the tail section comes as a bonus. The lanyard hole makes sure that the knife does not drop, whereas the chisel combination gives the user an extra tool in his armor which may come handy anytime. The guard and extension are well polished for a better look and to prevent rusting, whereas the solid horn handle is totally unpolished to deliver a better and sturdier grip. (IMP note:: If the HORN is not to our quality standard when making then it would be replaced by BLACKWOOD)

Sheath: Sheath of MultiCraft is another segment that makes it very special. Flexible leather is used to prevent the blade from getting scratches and to have a swifter draw even when tucked in the belt. The scabbard frame is carved slightly bigger than the blade, giving more room inside in order to achieve a very easy operation. A leather belt with a fasten-up button is fitted in the back of the throat of the scabbard to secure the kukri firmly to the sheath. Similarly, a shoelace is fitted in the frog to tie the kukri’s handle to prevent it from wobbling while the user is moving, carrying the knife in his belt. A lanyard loop is also kept in the tip of the scabbard to ease carriage and thus motion - where the user can fit a string and tie the scabbard to his thigh.

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