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MultiCraft NEW Generation Kukri-Bowie

MultiCraft NEW Generation Kukri-Bowie

A new era modern knife forged in kukri format crafted for multi tasking to perform various jobs out from a single blade..

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  • Blade Length (in): 7.5
  • Handle Length (in): 5
  • Blade Steel: 52100
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Sheath: western Leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 600
  • Overall weight (gm): 725
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1000
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 10
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 79.99

One Tool - Multiple functional knife for the new generation for demanding situations...

Why the MultiCraft NEW Generation Kukri-Bowie ??
A new era modern knife forged in kukri format crafted for multi tasking to perform various jobs out from a single blade. The traditional kukri is improved in various fronts (sections) to make it a multi functional knife keeping usage and safety in mind, making it a complete survival new generation kukri-bowie knife in the process. This 7.5” bladed MultiCraft’s in-built diverse executives serve it’s master with a variety of tasks (usefulness) and thus truly making it the ONE-to-carry-at-ALL-TIMES knife; be it to home or beyond or out in the wilderness or deep into the jungle.

you are NOT alone when you have this knife with you...

Various aspects of the Multicraft are well explained here below... 

Blade: This is the strength and stronghold of the MultiCraft’s sheer power, purpose and variation. This is where the knife reveals its true color of what it can really do and deliver. The maker here has manipulated the shape, size and edges in such a way that all basic and tactical objectives are met within or by a single blade. Front portion’s (chest) shape is bulged out to accomplish easy, effortless and effective swing (blow). The tip is extended and made more pronounced to facilitate the blade for stabbing. The length of the curve is full 5 inch and thus has enough coverage against a target. Spine/edge of the lower shoulder is forged completely flat, left rough/raw and made very wide for a small knife like this to use it as a hammer - to pound things if and when needed. Spine/edge of the upper shoulder has a serrated back, having multiple sharp cuts to work relatively like to a saw for various tactical, utility and constructive purposes. Back portion (bevel) of the blade has steep full flat grinding that can be nicely used for slicing, slitting, peeling etc. It covers almost 2.5 inches providing a good space/length to meet the objective. The overall length of the blade is only 7.5 inches which make the knife very practical and easy to use and mobile at the same time. Large elongated very sharp and steep bevel (patti) is done to inflict deeper and greater impact with very less effort. Blade is made unpolished to keep good temper and solid cutting ability. Two see through Holes are also drilled in the blade near the guard which can be used to take out nails and sort. It also comes as a part of its unique style, to distinguish it from the herd. Multicraft knife is small yet bulky, heavy weight in small version; a smart knife to carry to survive the vegetation and beat the wilderness.

Handle: Another significant and superb department of the MultiCraft is its superior handle. Full flat tang riveted handle makes the knife a heavy duty operational machine. Two plates of Indian rosewood scales are first firmly fixed to the tang by using imported epoxy (Bondite) and later strongly secured by rivets (as shown in the picture) from both sides. A cylindrical shaped handle with the center bulged out is crafted to make holding easy, comfortable and useful. A steel guard fitted in the top portion / area of the handle makes the knife safe to use at all times. The guard works like a divider - separates the handle compartment from the sharp edge of the blade keeping the using hand away from danger (injury). A tension free and not-so-cautious state of mind is achieved from this. An extension comprising a lanyard hole and chisel in the tail section comes as a bonus to the owner or user in this “multiplicity in one” knife. The lanyard hole facility makes sure that the knife is never dropped, where as the chisel combination gives the user an extra tool in his armor which may come handy at anytime. The guard and extension are well polished for better look and to prevent rusting, where as the solid handle comes in matt to deliver better and sturdier grip.

Scabbard: Sheath of MultiCraft is another important segment that makes the knife extra special. A western leather sheath is adapted for carriage. The sheath not only prevents the blade from getting scratches but also allows a swifter, faster and easier draw (in and out) even when tucked in the belt. A leather belt with fasten-up button is fitted in the panel to secure the blade firmly to the sheath even in fast motion. A thick kydex belt loop fitted which allows both, vertical and horizontal carriage, is fitted to give the best possible usage to the user. The leather and Kydex duo comes as an extra added feature that also give an outstanding look. 

MultiCraft NEW generation Kukri-Bowie, a multi functional performer and deliver, a versatile tool, is an all rounder that cuts, chops, saws, carves, pounds, splits, slices, scores, scrapes, hammers, stabs, digs, cleans; you name it...

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