Traditional White Silver Scabbard Khukuri

Traditional White Silver Scabbard Khukuri

theme white to promote friendship, trust, loyalty and peace; silver scabbard kukri for display and gift..

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  • Blade Length (in): 10
  • Handle Length (in): 4.5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: White Indian rosewood
  • Sheath: Pure silver
  • Actual Weight (gm): 525
  • Overall weight (gm): 700
  • Shipping weight (gm): 950
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8.5
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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Traditional Kothimora & use of this precious metal (Silver) in kukri's scabbard

Kothimora or even Kothi-Moda is a kukri with silver scabbard. The real focal point is the beautiful scabbard made entirely by hand. In the 19th century some were even decorated with precious stones, diamonds, ivory and even gold sometimes.

Khukuri House Kothimora's contain no white metal, ours are made from 100% pure silver. White is a symbol of peace, love and friendship. It’s used to express gratitude and loyalty to anyone presented.

Owning a Kothimora in the context of Nepal’s history was to show the rank, status, and persona of the owner. Throughout history kings, generals and high ranking people had various types of precious Kothimoras to reflect his status and position in society. Similarly receiving one of these blades was (is) a great honour and well praised in life afterward. Some kothimoras kukri even went to graveyards with its owner; a culture in Nepal to reunite the man and his knife even afterlife. There is no evidence when and where Kothimora actually originated, but in later days maximum Kothimoras were made in Eastern Nepal mainly in Dharan.

Kothimora in Nepali Culture >>

Kothimora kukri has a special place and value in Nepalese culture and society. At Nepalese weddings, the bridegroom wears a Kothimora tucked into his sash. According to custom, the Kukri will protect him and his family from evil spirits. It's even cremated with its owner in a belief that the sharp edge will chase away ill spirits and demons and also seen as a noble action taken to unite the kukri with its master.

Gurkhas & Kothimora

The exclusive silver scabbard with beautiful carvings in it also makes this kukri an excellent gift to express one’s appreciation and gratefulness amongst Nepalese, especially by the Gurkhas. In modern times, a Kothimora is often given as a retirement gift to retiring officers in the Brigade of Gurkhas, as a tribute to mark his years of loyal service. Often these Kothimoras have the insignia of the unit nicely mounted into the design of the sheath itself that the receiver belongs to . This is a custom introduced by the Gurkha soldiers themselves not the British army.

Making of this White Kothimora >> Why it is called 'WHITE'?

Scabbard is the major attraction of this kukri made with rosewood covered with white rexin and further decorated with silver frame on the outer layer. This particular Kothimora is named after the overall colour of the kukri. The beautiful silver nicely blends with white rexin (a synthetic artificial washable leather substitute) underneath. This rexin is easy to clean and maintain, meaning the Kothimora will look brilliant for years to come. The silver section contains many traditional Nepalese symbols and is carved with intricate precision.

The 10 inch long kukri blade itself is mirror polished, with a matching white Indian rosewood handle and is a sharp, usable blade. But if you’re buying this item, you are most likely buying it for the beautiful sheath so best to display. The two small knives Karda & Chakmak also comes along with the khukuri.

Use/Purpose of White Kothimora

The Kothimora makes a fine gift, to show your respect, or as an item to display proudly in your home or office. Show your deep longing for peace, harmony, and friendship with this beautiful Kukri. You can also use this as a regular functional kukri for domestic indoor or outdoor tasks. Kothimora is also a genuine working kukri with a fancy scabbard.



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