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Dragon Decorated Blade (Bhojpure Kukri)

Dragon Decorated Blade (Bhojpure Kukri)

Famous Bhojpure kukri gets the blade decorated with Dragon carving...

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  • Blade Length (in): 10.5
  • Handle Length (in): 5.5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Sheath: Water buffalo leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 575
  • Overall weight (gm): 825
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1175
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 10
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 82.00

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A perfect gift & display kukri and an occasional performer when calls come for one.

The blade of the famous Bhojpure kukri is further decorated with the hand carved Dragon on both sides to make it more beautiful and iconic.

Birth of Dragon Kukri

Khukuri House (KH) initiated the production of the dragon kukris back in 1990’s, when Lalit Kumar Lama (the ex-Gurkha) was heading the charge. He realised kukri’s became popular as a souvenir craft in western society and decided to give new look and showcase the Nepalese craftsmanship. The dragon carving is done to make the blade more attractive and beautiful as a present or for the showcase.

The dragon also symbolizes the power, strength and good luck in the East Asian Culture. The dragon carving in Nepal is mostly done in Kathmandu valley, in the Newar Community, who are well known for their artistic culture and history. They carve wood, metals, and stones with basic tools and bare hands. This particular kukri is also carved by a local popularly known as 'Dragon Man'.


KHHI’s popular ‘Dragon-man’ carving the dragon the blade.


Details of the kukri ; blade, handle and sheath

Blade: This kukri is 10.5 inches (approx.) longer however wider and heavier than the standard army knives. The blade is also made thicker to ease and quicken the cutting action. Since it is basically a cutting knife it is made very simple. There is a modernized version of Bhojpure these days, they have better finishing to give better look and appeal. The blade is further carved with Dragon on both sides to give artistic look.

Handle: The handle is kept simple for everyday use, it has rosewood handle with brass pommel fixed at the bottom and bolster in between the handle and blade for a better look and for the firm hold of the fixtures.

Scabbard: Sheath of this kukri is simple and traditional made of black leather from water buffalo hide. The brass chape is fixed at the tip to give a matching look but also protects the tip of the kukri. The scabbard is designed in a traditional way to include two small knives along with.

Accompanying Knives: 2 small traditional knives karda and chakmak comes with the main kukri. It’s an ancient style to include these mini knives, mainly for sharpening and doing small works.


The story behind the name ‘Bhojpure’

This Kukri gets its name from a far eastern hilly village Bhojpur in Nepal, where farming is the prime source of livelihood and is equally famous for its locally made kukris that are used every day in village life. There are a lot of different kukris made in this village however “the BhojPure” originated about a century ago is the most famous of all. It is more than just a cutting weapon for a farmer; Kukri in this part of the place is his everyday partner and his guardian angel.

BhojPure kukri apart being a tool it has its own treasured traditional and religious value. It is believed that a BhojPure kukri brings good fortune and prosperity when kept at home, it would also safeguard a home from evil and Satan spirits, would help a man sleep well when kept under his pillow, a bridegroom carries his ancestral BhojPure kukri in his sash during marriage ceremony to represent his entire family. There is also a ritual of discarding a BhojPure kukri belonging to the dead man in his last rite believing it would scare away all evil spirits and take its master to heaven. Almost all Nepalese keep the BhojPure kukri at home primarily because of these beliefs. The addition of Dragon, in the Bhojpure kukri makes these beliefs more strong and supportive, due to the similar belief of the people with the dragon


Major Use/ Purpose

  • A complete functional kukri for cutting and utility works; dragon kukri performs as a regular functional kukri.
  • Traditional use in festivals, rituals, marriage in Nepali Culture and society; evil hunter and safeguarding its companion
  • An ideal gift kukri; presentable kukri due to the beautifully carved blade; an honored showcase item.

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