Large SiruPate Kukri (Fast & Furious)

Large SiruPate Kukri (Fast & Furious)

Long, slim, strong, fast, durable n more; big brother of the SiruPate family..

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  • Blade Length (in): 15
  • Handle Length (in): 5.5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Sheath: Water buffalo leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 725
  • Overall weight (gm): 975
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1425
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8.5
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 115.00

15 inch Large SiruPate Kukri;  Long, light and slim; easy to use n swing

 The name is inspired from the movie 'Fast & Furious'

Yet another version of Sirpuate series, also like its counterparts this kukri is made for everyday work in the field for villagers and for warfare. It can be used as a machete to clear bush, to cut small trees and branches, hence this effortless yet effective SiruPate 15” blade is one great knife to pick up from when longer yet lighter functional knife is wanted. It's very easy to handle despite its large size. 

An interesting and appealing name Fast & Furious (inspired by the movie itself) is given due to the two main features of this Large Sirupate Kukri. It is large; a full 15 inch long blade yet very light for its size as it has a slim blade profile, thus very fast and easy to handle. The kukri falls under the famous SiruPate family which is the local's favorite due to its appealing shape, easy to use and very effective feature. The name Fast & Furious really clicks with the khukuri.

the word "Sirupate" is derived from a leaf called "Siru" found in the hilly regions of remote Nepal. The shape of the leaf inspires the shape of the khukuri and hence the name.

Blade: This particular SiruPate 15” is actually the longer version of the standard SiruPate kukri designed for more wider area coverage. The blade is light and handy even though longer (a full 15” bladed) thus cutting is swift and easy.

Handle: This SiruPate comes in a basic rat-tail tang handle with wooden grip secured by brass fittings. Typical kukri handle is crafted for the khukuri.

Sheath: Like other Sirupates this too has buffalo leather sheath with brass fitting and the housing for Karda (small knife) and Chakmak (emergency sharpener).


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I had this for 15+ yrs…

| 17th July, 2023 | Cody Lozier Boise, Idaho, USA

I’ve had this very Kukri for over 15 yrs, it has cut more cordage of wood than I could’ve ever believed. It has been a hardcore staple of my livelihood and adventures. You couldn’t ask for better quality and endurance.

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