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HD Wood Chopper (Kukri AXE)

HD Wood Chopper (Kukri AXE)

Kukri AXE is an all-purpose utility knife to embrace and to possess..

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  • Blade Size (in): 11
  • Handle Size (in): 5
  • Blade Material: 5160
  • Sheath: Brown leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 825
  • Overall weight (gm): 975
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1350
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 9
  • Edge grinding: V
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USD 79.99

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Heavy Duty Kukri like an AXE; The Wood Chopper

Kukri AXE is an all-purpose utility knife to embrace and to possess.

High definition kukri is made to deliver rough wood chopping and perform in the woods. The scandi grind of the blade like of an AXE makes it more easy for the cutting work in the forest; similar as an Axe. Both of these features make easy to name this khukuri, HD Wood Chopper (Kukri AXE); we also often call it WoodChopper or the Kukri AXE Hence, the kukri as good as an AXE.

Wood Chopper is an all-purpose utility kukri knife to embrace and to possess. Its exclusive name defines a contemporary Panawal version modified and crafted to deliver only the best results and intense satisfaction to the user and thus AXE. AXE raw features, solid strength and stunning look make it a perfect tool for discovering oneself and the wilderness one indulges in.


Strong, Durable & Perfect multi-purpose tool

Blade: Kukri AXE kukri is 11inch bladed with raw finishing forged out of 5160 high carbon steel. The raw finishing is for stronger edge and better temper. The blade is “Scandi Grind” for deeper impact and better outcome. This exceptional grinding of the blade (spine + body + edge) makes the PanaPlus stand out from the herd as one of the most effective and usable knives.

Handle: The handle has a full flat tang like that of “Panawal” kukris. This full flat metal tang can be clearly seen as lines running through the two sides of the handle. The handle pieces are made of rosewood to give a simple classic look. The bolster is made from the thick iron plate but the pommel is not present. Instead, the tang continues beyond the handle and features a lanyard hole where strings can be tied to protect dropping of kukri away from the hand.

Sheath: It has a brown leather scabbard. Near the mouth of the sheath, you can find a brown frog loop for the belt to go through and carry it. The “C” cut in the throat also adds to its fashion and uniqueness. While the tip of the scabbard features a small lanyard loop for strings to tie around the thigh and prevent wobbling while in action.

Blade length: 11 inches (27.90 cm) approx
Blade thickness: 9 mm approx
Handle length: 5 inches (12.70 cm) approx
Edge temper = 56-58 RC
Materials / Features: Brown leather scabbard, Indian rosewood FFT with finger grooves handle

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