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Kydex Sheath (Modern Kukri Scabbard)

Kydex Sheath (Modern Kukri Scabbard)

kydex sheath is a very good replacer of traditional scabbards for kukris-knives for better handling and durability; it is water-proof, light and easy to carry

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  • Blade Length (in):
  • Handle Length (in):
  • Blade Steel: None
  • Handle Material:
  • Sheath: KYDEX
  • Actual Weight (gm): 150
  • Overall weight (gm): 150
  • Shipping weight (gm): 525
  • Blade sharpness: None
  • Edge grinding: None
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Kydex Sheath for your Kukris and Knives.. for any shape any size

Kydex sheath for khukuri and kc housingKydex sheath made from industrial hard coated plastic sheet gives a perfect option/advantage over the traditional scabbards that uses natural materials like wood and leather. Kydex is much more durable, easier to handle, and is waterproof which comes as the main benefit. The fitting it provides is perfect and also comes very compact when it's ready. 

We use Kydex sheet with 0.06-0.09” thickness which is a perfect size to convert it into the desired sheath. Kydex sheet is lighter than the normal leather scabbard. Its better and durable quality and use-wise, water and scratch resistance and holds the shape of the blade very well. It has finger grooves to assist in draw-in draw-out process and also comes with Thumb Push section for easier handling. Another additional benefit of this sheath is that it can be carried both in a horizontal and vertical way. It has a detachable belt holder and can be fixed to anywhere within the Kydex. Its made in such a way that it works like a holster for any kukris or knives. The Kydex sheath is made in a "molding" process by heating it, it gives out perfect shape/housing which makes the handling very easy (draw in draw out).

modern kydex sheath made by Khukuri House KHHI nepal
The Kydex sheath is also very compatible with various army gears and wears. It can easily be adjusted/fitted thru the molle webbing technique. The Kydex sheath is a modern alternative over the traditional one to get out the best usage of the blade. The MAIN advantage of Kydex sheath over the traditional leather scabbard is it is 100% WATER-PROOF. Even in wet conditions and watery situations the sheath is completely usable, works perfectly, and continues to serve well. 

Available for any blade size; please select your preferred size above.

(The offered Kydex comes in BLACK and ARMY GREEN color. Please pick the one you prefer in “My Message” field/box in CheckOut page while ordering online)

The weight mentioned here in specifications seciton is of "Standard (10-11 inch)"

If you want to design in your own style then contact us or send us in email


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