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Mini Dragon Carved (Gift Kukri)

Mini Dragon Carved (Gift Kukri)

An exclusive Gift, a dragon carved small kukri, one of the BEST things from Nepal..

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  • Blade Length (in): 8
  • Handle Length (in): 4.5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: Indian Rosewood
  • Sheath: black leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 325
  • Overall weight (gm): 475
  • Shipping weight (gm): 725
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 60.00

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A perfect souvenir from Nepal to gift your loved ones..

small & budget-friendly Kukri; with historic value and beautiful craftsmanship..

A special gift to bond and show your admiration..

Carved/Engraved Dragon: What is it ??

Khukuri with dragon carving in the blade is called as Dragon Carved Kukri or Dragon Khukuri. It is beautifully carved with dragons on both sides to show more craftsmanship in the blade. However the dragon carving does not have any significant meaning in khukuri or even in Nepali culture or society. A kukri like this is more a decorative piece than a working tool although can be used if needed. Makers particularly the “Newars” of Kathmandu who have ancient ties and involvement into carving and sculpture culture do the “Dragon” carving in the kukri blade to display their skill and exhibit their excellent art handed down for generations.

The dragon design is simply done to comply with the elongated shape of the kukri blade. The elongated shape of the Dragon follows through the panel of the kukri blade and finishes giving a suiting and soothing look to the blade. Dragon does not hold any special meaning, it is just a display of skill of the carver and to make the kukri a fine work of art as a whole. All carvings are done by hand using only basic tools. It takes about 5-6 hours to get a dragon done in a standard sized blade.

What makes it the best gift, a perfect gift ?

  • a perfect and unique souvenir from Nepal
  • carries the pride and glory of the country, historic ties
  • completely made by hand from kukri to dragon. It's a handcrafted masterpiece to last lifelong and beyond
  • the 'Dragon' carving on both sides of the blade adds value and beauty (see video)
  • a handy size, easy to use and carry, the medium size 8-inch knife
  • apart from decoration and display, you can still use it in your day to day life for cutting purpose
  • a budget kukri, your pocket-friendly.. no pressure on your finance
  • come with lifetime warranty & a year Guarantee (only at KhukuriHouse)
  • an outstanding piece to decor and display in just about anywhere

Blade: The blade of Mini Dragon carved is one of the most common blades of Nepal. The 8inch long blade is made of high carbon steel and has high demand for outdoor activities. The blade is hand carved/engraved with dragon to give a classic look. It is indeed the best gift one can have from Nepal.

Handle: The handle of this traditional kukri is made of Indian Rosewood having well polish finishing. It is a regular handle, strong and sturdy yet with beautiful looks.

Scabbard: The black normal Water buffalo hide leather scabbard is fixed with brass tip and has two small accompanying knives; the Karda (small knife) and Chakmak (sharpener).


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