His Majesty's 7 Chirra Khukuri (Imperial)

His Majesty's 7 Chirra Khukuri (Imperial)

A ruler who is both, feared and revered- the combination of strength, beauty, class and aggression..

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  • Blade Length (in): 15
  • Handle Length (in): 6.5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Sheath: light brown leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 1100
  • Overall weight (gm): 1325
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1800
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 9
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 225.00

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The Majestic Khukuri (Imperial) with 7 Chirra/ fuller in the blade, a powerful performer..

Seven is the highest no. of fullers forged out at Khukuri House KHHI >> The real beauty & the beast >>

A very interesting and appealing name is given to denote its class and status amongst other khukuri knives. The special work, attention, materials and time needed to make this khukuri differentiate it from rest. It is designated for high class, upper class of importance and power in a society like a leader or king figure and thus the extravagant name. In Nepal’s history one of the main possessions to highlight one’s power, status and position has always been a khukuri. Hence keeping the same value in mind a good amount of time, skill and money has been vested upon it for the very same purpose as stated above. 7 Chirra tops the chart of KHHI nepal's spectacular 'Chirra' family. It is the latest and better version due to the fact that it is the most difficult to make comparatively to other chirra-wal khukuris in the family. Series of chirra/fuller, 7 to be exact is the key, powerful and celebrated aspect of the kukri. This exceptional feature is thus addressed by naming it in a grand way as “His Majesty’s 7 Chirra (Imperial)” khukuri to define the glory and status of the knife.

shock wave sketch in chirra blade
CHIRRA; the strength, class and ID of the khukuri; 7 in total, the highest that is offered. Hand forged Chirra/Fuller for strength, durability and beauty. Only highly skilled craftsmen can do it. Chirra is first forged out in the panel and later skillfully grinded out from the panel of the blade. 7 Chirra Imperial has narrower (steep chirra/fuller) and deeper than other Chirra-wals in order to control width and weight of the blade. Chirra reduces tension/pressure generated in the edge when striking by gradually distributing the force in a wavy pattern from edge slowly towards the spine. This minimizes the pressure/stress felt by the edge and the whole body and as a result the blade will not rattle even in extreme strokes. Hence longevity is achieved. Another important thing chirra does is it reduces the mass of the blade significantly and makes the blade light and well balanced. The equilibrium falls close to the guard making the khukuri very easy and effective to use, HANDY. Chirra also adds beauty and class to the knife.

BLADE: 15” chirra/fuller blade, highly polished. Made as narrow as possible to reduce weight and bring more balance. Wide shaped blade for force and swing. Typical notch is discarded. Highly polished for beauty, look and to prevent rusting *TIP; Chisel tip is done for power and durability. About 3” of the upper most section is grinded in one side (ONLY) to make a chisel tip. The tip allows easy penetration (stabbing)

HANDLE: Full flat tang riveted wooden handle (Panawal) that is fully polished is fitted. Extra added feature is we have used barrel knots for extra strength and lifelong usage. Classic handle but plain with no ridges and rings is adopted for easier and better grip. GUARD; Vertical steel guard that stands about 1” tall is fitted at the top of the handle (between blade and handle). It is for hand protection to work as a barrier/stopper to keep fingers within handle section and not go any further beyond towards the sharp edge. It adds beauty and strength too.

WEIGHT: Well balanced weight of just about 1100 gms is executed to bring stability and sustainability. 7 x chirras are fitted in much less room (width) comparatively to cut down weight and thus easy handling. The provided weight is perfect for the knife as per its profile and its objective and is also easy on the user.

SHEATH: Brown leather sheath is used to match with its wooden handle. The imported treated leather sheath gives a stunning look to the khukuri. Its unique frog is another beauty. A differently shaped “V” cut frog with lace fastening system is adopted. The frog has an attached belt loop at the back for the belt to go thru and keeps the knife closely attached to the body. Carriage is much easier and more comfortable to operate the blade. Lanyard loop is fitted in the tip to facilitate a leather cord to go thru to tie around thigh for easier and better mobility. His Majesty's 7 Chirra Khukuri (Imperial) is a vintage khukuri; a very valuable heavyduty-highclass productive kukri knife; a ceremonial upper class figure yet a destructive force and a great ruler.

Blade size: 15 inches approx. fully hand forged chirra/fuller artistic knife
Handle size: 5.5 inches approx. (Overall)

*TIP IMP NOTE: As per the request and suggestion of many buyers now the “Chisel Tip” is/will be done on request/demand only. By  default  the blade will have spine all the way (no upper edge)

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