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Vertical Display Kukri Stand

Vertical Display Kukri Stand

Display your kukri in an upright position with KHHI's new vertical wooden stand unlike any other displayers..

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  • Blade Steel: None
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  • Actual Weight (gm): 400
  • Overall weight (gm): 700
  • Shipping weight (gm): 700
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USD 9.99

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Showcase your knives vertically; an indoor knife display stand 

We take pride in our variety of handmade wooden display stands because we make all our stands entirely by hand, using conventional tools rather than thru the assembly line system. We ensure they are made to the highest quality standards. In most cases, it can take one of our carpenters a full day to make one. We make our stands from high quality furniture wood, called as Seesau in Nepal. The stands can all be easily disassembled, and are shipped flat. This ensures that they do not get damaged or broken during transport.

Most of our stands are designed to display a Kukri horizontally.  However this unique vertical designed allows a Kukri to be displayed vertically. The base of the vertical display takes up less space (area )on your desk, bookcase or mantle. The handle rests in the arm with a U-shape. The tip of a Kukri rests in a circular depression to ensure it stays securely. Kukri can be displayed both ways; either drawn to display the beauty of the blade OR sheathed to display any particularly beautiful scabbard. As with all our stands, the vertical Kukri stand can be disassembled for shipping or easy storage.

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