QGS Silver Brooch (Queen's Gurkha Signal)

QGS Silver Brooch (Queen's Gurkha Signal)

A unique item presented by KHHI honour the 'British Gurkhas Signals'...

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The QGS badge of Gurkha; 'Queen's Gurkha Signal' Silver Brooch

The Queen’s Gurkha Signals is a communications unit employed by the Bridage of Gurkhas. Although there were trained Gurkha signalmen in the past, the first official Gurkha signals unit, the Gurkha Divisional Signal Regiment, was first formed in 1953. Originally, under the command of the Royal Corps of Signals, they were officially under the command of the Brigade of Gurkha’s and were renamed the Queen’s Gurkha Signals in 1977. A name they hold to this day. 

The insignia is a representation of the Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Greek Mythology. Unlike the badges of other Signals units, the Queen’s own Gurkha Signals badge is wreathed by a laurel crown, to represent the Queen, and most distinctly has Mercury standing on top of a pair of Gurkha Kukris.

This brooch is made of silver, with some white metal added for strength. This brooch is sure to be the favourite item in any lady’s jewelry box. Sure to look stunning on any outfit. It can also be worn on a hat, or as a pin to secure a kilt. 

Note: It can take up to 3-5 days to ship the brooch from order date

Size: 1.50 x 1.20 cm approx.
Materials: Pure silver, white metal 
Origin: Kathmandu, Nepal.

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