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National Tribute 2015 (Native Khukuri)

National Tribute 2015 (Native Khukuri)

Dedicated to the 'April 2015 Nepal earthquake' victims, a tribute to the nation with feelings n sentiments...

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  • Blade Length (in): 13
  • Handle Length (in): 5
  • Blade Steel: 5160
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Sheath: Reddish-Brown leather
  • Actual Weight (gm): 650
  • Overall weight (gm): 800
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1100
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade thickness (mm): 6
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
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USD 99.00

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From the heart of Nepalese; Tribute to the Nation; A Native Khukuri

Remembering the dreadful moment, 25th Apr 2015 (Sat) ...
when things came crashing down over our heads shattering our lives and our beloved country. May your soul rest in peace and be free forever in the land of angels. Our deepest thoughts and condolences go to all who lost their near and dear ones in the disaster. May the Lord give you the strength and courage to carry on. We will forever remember this day and those how perished. When “All is lost, HOPE remains, when “Night falls, dawn breaks” - we as a country can still “RISE from the RUBBLE”… we just have to stay UNITED and FOCUSED. We would also like to thank all the international communities for their continuous support and generosity. We would NOT have come this far without you. You guys ROCK!!

This kukri has great sentimental and patriotic meaning to the people of Nepal. We named this Kukri 'National Tribute' as a tribute to the country of Nepal and to honour the more than 10000 victims of the terrible 2015 earthquakes. We also named this Kukri after the strength of the Nepalese people during the aftermath of the disasters and the unlawful border blockade by the Indian government, which set the country back economically and socially during this most difficult time.

This kukri is a symbol that should always remind us of the dreadful year 2015 and how we endured, fought, and rose above the incident, and how we came out as a better, bigger and stronger nation. It represents the passionate love for our country, the unwavering respect for our fellow men, our resolute and optimistic high spirit and attitude, a desire and ability for prosperity, and our strength and honour. Above all, it represents believing in yourself and doing it.



The Kukri: is inspired from the classic version with a broader, more curved and lighter blade. The blade is hand forged with great skill and craftsmanship. With accordance to its grand name, the historic and celebrated blades that are the pride of nation have been chosen for this model. Much like it’s classic counterparts, the blade is original, gentle, very handy, light and agile and has a full flat tang wooden handle with metal fixtures (bolster +butt). The Native Khukuri is the reproduced version of some of the very old models from 19th century. It is made to be used, so will not disappoint even a harsh user and an extreme survivalist. The kukri’s blade and handle are both unpolished.

Dap(Sheath):  The KH’s Sheath is a unique, appealing and powerful aspect of this kukri. Special care, attention, and skill have been put into the sheath. KHHI, considering its grand name and noble purpose, has tried to make the sheath look as authentically as simple as possible yet have a class of its own. A special binding “V” shaped white metal chape is fixed in its tip for strength, style and striking look which is something not done for any other knives made by KHHI. The unique chape gives an extraordinary and classic look and also adds status to the kukri.

Likewise, the frog is the best part of the sheath and represents the national flag and so emphasizes nationalism. Nepal’s unique triangular flag with Sun and Moon is designed in the frog as clearly seen in the photos. The frog in the shape and style of the national flag adds value to the kukri and signifies the patriotic feelings and spirit of fellowship.

Similarly, the crossed kukri badge just below the frog is an iconic symbol that has always been a part of Nepal and its culture for generations. They symbolize power, status, culture, devotion, and nationalism. The flared “V” tip, flagship frog, and the famous crossed kukri badge all gives this khukri a royal look that represents the undying love for our country and emphasizes respect to fellow citizen and zeal to do something great.

Engraving: By default, Native kukri comes with the following hand engraving >>

NEPAL 2015 MOTHERLAND  …. As a reminder of the dreadful year.
(Note: it can be discarded on request)


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