For all our INDIAN customers >> June 13 2021 >>

Our Indian depot is fairly success. Its almost sold out so we are preparing another depot batch which we plan to ship out by mid-end July 2021 to our depot handler in India. If you are interested then this is your chance to order your favorite khukri that you have always wanted. The best part is its 100% Guaranteed Delivery with NO custom hassle. If you are interested then please comment or pm us.
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Proudly presenting the warehouse in INDIA ... Buying Kukri in India is now easy and hassle-free...

Now in full operation wef November 23, 2020 from Uttarakhand, India. @ Ready-to-Ship mode, Guaranteed delivery, Limited Stock!!

Namaste India!! We are very happy and excited to finally have our warehouse in INDIA, at your doorstep. Now you can buy Gurkha kukri from all over India, all our products are handmade in Nepal and come with both Guarantee & Warranty. The journey was long and tough but we are proud to have achieved yet another milestone. Our sincere gratitude goes to all our Indian friends who pushed us on this. Thank you for all the support.

  • 100% Guaranteed delivery (no custom hassle) or money back
  • Fast shipping; Delivery within *7-10 working days or get your money BACK
  • NO TAX hassle as its already covered
  • Price includes shipping cost
  • Lifetime warranty applicable on all kukris and knives
  • Very safe and secured buying 
  • Post sales like engraving, logo imprint custom finishing and minor/major changes are not possibl
  • You must be over 18 age to buy knives as per Law
  • Applies to products purchased from this "India Warehouse" page only. 

* [Due to the local Lockdown the mentioned time frame may get affected]

All prices are in USD since our site is based in USD. Nonetheless, our online system auto converts local INR a/c into USD when paying so even a local debit/credit Indian card will work. In JUNE 2021, 1USD is hovering at INR 73.25 for ref. purpose.



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