Want to buy a knife but don’t have the money right now?? Want to buy it desperately but you have other priorities so can’t afford right now? Want to go slowly and do not want to burden yourself financially? Then this is the answer and solution to it. "Buy without burdening yourself..." Pay slowly whenever you are ready and buy without even realizing it. Students, part-timers, low periodic earners etc can all make the BEST use of it. Pay slowly whatever you can and own a khukuri/knife that you have always wanted. And the best part is, the ever rising prices WILL NOT even affect your buy. This only happens at KHHI... we are here for ALL people!!

Minimum USD 25
5 + 2 =

For any query, question and confusion please write to us at


  • KHHI will send an email after the payment (booking amount) is made with all the details, costing and payment plan as per the options opted by the buyer
  • The order is processed/made only after 50% of the total amount is paid and shipped after the whole amount is paid
  • Booking amount is not refundable
  • The cost/price will remain the same throughout the “Booking Tenure” even if the standard pricing rises
  • Discount is not entertained
  • The opted tenure starts from the Booking day (paid date)
  • Min. amount to book is USD 25.00
  • Product/s can be changed/altered as required during the tenure but before the production. Here price may vary for which KHHI will pre-notify the buyer

Online Payment Info

  • Please click "SUBMIT" for online payment
  • (in the next opening page) If you have a Paypal account, simply log in to your Paypal account, carefully review the "Review your payment" page and click "Pay now" button OR If you don't or you want to use your credit or debit card then click "Don't have a Paypal account?"
  • Then fill in your paying Credit or Debit card's details and click "Pay" button
  • If your online transaction is a success then "Return to Merchant" link will appear, click it if you want to return to the KHHI's site