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How to remove rust from blade (DOMESTIC REMEDY)??

Here is how; not the best result but satisfactory it will be. Here you have to gradually climb up the grits (from rough to medium to fine to fiber)

I am Ex-veteran, how can I apply for patriotic discount? What evidences do I have to provide?

There is no such hard and fast rule for this as we honor and believe all serving and retire military personnel. You may simple mention your full name, joined date, post and company/unit and also your order list with delivery address. KHHI will then get back to you with the details and costing.

I want to engrave my kukri, how do I go about this?

Its very simple. You can either email us directly or submit our "FREE Engraving" online form in the site. You can also mention the same in our "Official Invoice" that is sent after a sale is made.

Do you offer discount on bulk purchases?

Yes we do. We normally give bulk discount from 15-25% depending on the order quantity list (no. of pieces). Please write to us for detailed information on this.

I have not received any emails until now??

I am yet to hear from you, its been days!! KHHI does not take more than 1-2 days to email back/reply any sales, updates or queries. Should there be a long gap (more than 3 days) then there is a very good chance that our emails either somehow went missing or landed in your Spam/Junk Folder. In such cases the best way out is to LIVE CHAT with us during Nepalese std. time (10am to 5pm NST)

Can I change the language of the site?

Click 'Select a Language' in the footer (Bottom right corner) and select/click the preferred language from the list. Note: Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Korean languages are currently listed

What is your policy??, What are your buying and selling policies??

Click "Policy" icon in header. Click the preferred policy link in the displayed page that you want to know about

Who's Didier Wenger?

Why is the online payment acknowledgement in Didier Wenger's name when I paid to KHHI? Mr. Didier Wenger is KHHI's official associate and a trusted friend. All the online payment will be credited/deposited into KHHI's Paypal a/c under his name. KHHI's paypal a/c is maintained from Switzerland and maintained by a Swiss, Mr. Didier Wenger.

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Do the knives come with warranty??

Yes they do. KHHI has exclusive 1 year Guarantee and LIFETIME warranty on all of its knives. It covers

Warranty card is issued for each sale/purchase. For details please see this page (coming soon)

I am looking for real cutting knife and no show piece. How is your quality??

All knives of KHHI are original and high quality. Selected raw materials, very skilled and experienced craftsmen, special attention and vigorous testing are the ingredients of our knives. These are knives MADE for use and that you can rely on. Rest the Warranty Card speaks.

What if there is quality issue?? Edge is damaged, handle comes loose, knife is broken, sheath is broken, fitting and finishing is poor etc

Refund or Replace or Repair would be done as per the Warranty Card. There may be some minor quality issues since all our knives are handmade but KHHI works hard to solve it in the best possible friendly way. KHHI is renowned for its great "After Sales" service.

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What type of steel is used??

KHHI uses two types of high carbon steel; 5160 (leaf spring of heavy vehicles) and 52100 also known as En-31 (industrial steel used for heavy constructions).

What are these steel??

5160 is the suspension steel of heavy-duty vehicles and has carbon contain of about 0.60%. 52100 is industrial steel widely used for heavy constructions like bridges, structures etc. It is a high carbon, chromium steel that has about 1% of carbon contain. It shoots HRC better comparatively.

Where are the steel brought from??

5160 is bought locally from metal suppliers and scrap shops where as 52100 is imported from India from metal forging industry.

Do you use same kind of steel for all your blades??

Yes KHHI its two types of steel for all its products. Normally 5160 is used for traditional, regular, classic and army knives where as 52100 is used for contemporary, innovative, knives and bowies.

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What is the Rockwell (HRC) /hardness of a blade??

The standard Rockwell / hardness of KHHI blade is 56-58 hrc in edge, 34-36 hrc in panel and 20-22 hrc in spine but these figures can vary a little since heat treatment is done manually. It may also vary by bit from a model to another and from a season to another.

What grinding process is used for blade??

"Full Flat" is the standard grinding process used for almost all KHHI's knives where the mass of the steel tapers from spine and finishes at "0" to create an edge. Some knives have fullers/chirras grinded out in the same process. Few of our knives gave 'Scandi' grind where the mass of the spine and last point of panel are the same.

Which heat treatment is done in the blade??

KHHI does the water and oil quenching in all knives. Kamis using their skill and experience by judging the color of the steel quenches at the right time in the right way. Water quenching is more severe so it is done most of the time but during winter or low temperature (cold day) oil quenching is adopted. Temper is auto achieved when finishing the blade which generates high temperature so is not the part of the process. However while testing edge (HRC) if found over quenched then it is normalized by heating in an oven periodically until corrected.

What type of edge/bevel is made in the blade??

KHHI makes semi-convex edge since this type is very durable. Few also have '…' edge but only the ones with thick/bulky bevel. Some especially the ones with large/tall bevel have secondary edge as back up.

What type of finishing is done on the blade??

Finishing depends on the knife that is ordered. It is clearly mentioned in the detailed page of a product. KHHI does mirror polish, regular polish, semi-polish, unpolish, raw and blackened (chemical coat) finishing. See more here>>

What style and shapes (features) of blade/s are made??

Style and Shape (feature) entirely depends on the knife that is ordered. See the photos of the knife carefully for this. KHHI offers wide and fat, slim and pointed, standard and regular etc all sorts of styles. Size of each blade is also clearly mentioned in product page. KHHI offers blade sizes ranging from 4-36" at default. Size mentioned in the website is the BLADE-SIZE [from tip to handle/bolster (edge side)]. Style, shape and size may vary marginally than in the photo since all our knives are handmade and made by different individuals.

Do the blade come pre-sharpened??

Yes all blades come in ready-to-use stage. The edge is well sharpened and can be used as soon the knife is received.

What about sharpness? Does the blade come sharp??

Every knife and edge has its prime objective. Khukuri is mainly a knife made for cutting, hacking, swinging etc, not for slicing, peeling or shaving so edge (sharpness) is prepared accordingly. Hence all KHHI knives come with the standard edge (very sharp) and ready-to-use condition. Super Sharp (paper cut); next level up, is possible on request but here you risk the edge of bending or breaking (warranty does not cover this) as mass of the edge needs to be taken away (thinned) quite a bit to make it sharper. Razor Sharp (hair shaving); not possible and NOT recommended too. The edge needs to be so thin (trimmed) that it is bound to bend (break) as it will not be able to withstand the pressure/force generated from the swing.

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How do I know if small knives (accompanying) comes or not with the khukuri??

See photo carefully. If it is there then it will come. Also see "Materials/Features" field of each knife in the product detailed page. It will be mentioned there if the mother knife has it.

What type of steel used for small knives (accompanying)??

Different steel is used for different small knives. Construction steel is used for regular or what we call as "Normal" and "Special" Karda Chakmak where as "Real K+C" as 5160 steel as its mother blade. Similarly B-up knife has 52100. Both; the Real K+C and B-Up are well tempered steel and made for actual usages.

What handle (material) is used for small knives (accompanying)??

It has the same handle (material) as the mother blade's. Horn ones have horn handle, wood ones wood and so on ...;

What style and shape (features) of small knives (accompanying) are made??

Carefully see the photos of the knife/ves put aside its mother blade. The same style is provided. The standard size (common) of accompanying knives is about 2.5" blade and 2" handle, and about 2" blade and 1.75" handle for smaller knives/versions. Back up' size is mentioned in the Full Description of the product. Style, shape and size may vary marginally than in the photo since all our knives are handmade and made by different individuals.

What type of finishing is done on small knives (accompanying)??

Finishing of accompany knives is same as its mother blade's. If the mother blade is polished it is also polished, if mother blade is unpolished it is also unpolished and so on..

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Which material is used for handle??

Mainly two types of handle materials are used. Wood- rosewood and iron wood. Horn- water buffalo horn. Some have metallic handles like Brass and Aluminum. Some modern ones also have Rubber and Micarta handle. 80% products have the wooden handle which can be easily distinguished by its brown/reddish/maroon color in the product's photo. Handle material is also clearly mentioned in "Materials/Features" field of each product.

Which type of handle/tang (fixture) is used??

Mainly two types are used; 1. Parowal (Rat Tail and Stick Tang) 2. Panawal (Full Flat Tang Riveted). Parowal; here the tang is made long, slender and triangular and inserted all the way thru the handle and pended over from the back (butt). The tang is not visible from outside so it is also called a Hidden Tang version. Panawal; here tang is full and flat and follows the exact shape of the handle. The handle scales are riveted from both sides and fixed to the tang. The tang can be clearly seen from outside sandwiched between the two scales. Both types of handle are FULL TANG as the tang and handle has the same length.

How do I know which handle version is used??

See product's photo carefully. If there are dots or rivets in the handle then that is Panawal (Full Flat Tang Riveted) and if the handle is plain then it is Parowal (Rat Tail and Stick Tang). Ones with 'crews' in handle in the photo are with L-key set up. Similarly the 'Modern' khukuri knives (Innovative by KHHI) all have Stick Tang if it is Parowal version (plain handle). Stick Tang is a hidden tang that is broader and thicker than rat tail tang. The handle version is also mentioned in product description and materials/features.

Is the blade full tang on all knives?

Yes all KHHI's knives are Full Tang (goes all the way thru to the handle). It's just that some have rat tail tang or stick tang version and some full flat tang version (with rivets). Full tang is strong and durable so we make sure all has it.

What style, shape and fixture of handle is made for each product??

Carefully see the product photo/s for this as the exact same is done. Handle's material, shape, fixtures, features etc of the knife will be same as shown in the photo. The same is also mentioned in product description and in Materials/Features. Style, shape, size and color may vary marginally than in the photo since all our knives are handmade and made by different individuals.

What type of finishing is done on handle??

Handle has either polished (shinny) or unpolished (matt) finishing. See photo carefully to make it out. This is also mentioned in the detailed page of a product. Metal fixtures like bolster, pommel, guard etc are always polished to avoid rusting.

How long is the handle (size)??

Handle size is normally made around 4.5-5 inches (wood/horn portion only) for standard sizes like 10-13 inch bladed and smaller ones have handle around 4-4.5 inches (wood/horn portion only). This is also mentioned in the detailed page of a product and in Materials/Feature field. The handle size can be customized as per buyer's requirement.

What is the diameter of the handle??

Diameter depends on handle size and overall size of the knife. Standard sizes (10-13 inches) have around 4.5 inch in the middle area, smaller ones have around 3 inches and larger ones (15 inches above) have around +5 inches in middle. The handle size can be customized as per buyer's requirement too.

What is the thickness of the tang??

Tang thickness depends on the thickness of spine of the blade; thicker the spine thicker the tang and vise-versa. Normally the tang is half the size of the spine and taper as it goes towards the butt but Modern ones have much thicker tang than Traditional ones. Stick tang is wider and thicker than Rat tail tang and tapers less.

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What type of sheaths do the knives come in??

Carefully see the sheath in the provided photo/s, the same will come. The sheath shown in the photo; same style, color, look, fixture etc, is the default set. Some products' description also cover write up on sheath. Color may vary by little bit than in the photo since supplier's stock marginally differs each time.

What materials are used for making sheath??

Treated leather and buffalo hide are used for making sheaths. KHHI mainly uses Black, Brown, Maroon, Green and Cream leather. Imported Kydex and Boltaron sheets are also used for making Modern sheaths.

How is the sheath (dap) made??

Inner wooden frame as per the shape of the blade is first crafted from soft wood and then wrapped by required leather from outside. Housing from thick belt leather is also made in throat if needed and then frog is attached to the body. KYDEX: it is made in a molding process. Sheet is heated, compressed against the shape of the blade, dried and riveted.

Do all sheaths come with Frog??

Yes all sheaths have frog so that it can be worn in the waist. There are various types of frog used for different models. For this please carefully see product's photo. KHHI offers regular vertical frog, dual carriage frog (vertical and horizontal carriage), 3 ply frog (vertical, horizontal and angular carriage) and attach frog (body fit). See product description page to find it out.

Do all sheaths come with metal tip and strap button in frog??

No they do not. See product photo for this. If metal tip and/or strap button is/are seen in the product photo then yes it does and similarly same with the frog style. Most of the time absence of metal tip is replaced by lanyard loop tip (for thigh leather thong). Style, shape and color may vary marginally than in the photo since it is handmade and made by different individuals.


DhanKutes and KothiMoras are Decorative sheath since they have fancy sheaths. DhanKutes have either rosewood or buffalo horn sheath with some having national symbols and some traditional carvings. Metallic binding like brass and white metal are used on the edges to tie two sales together. KothiMoras have pure silver case with velvet background. It is made from molding process and by carving various traditional designs.

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How long does it take to make a khukuri??

Making entirely depends on the size, style and features of the knife being made. It can take from 2-5-7days for a maker to complete a single knife/kukri. Everything is entirely made by hand and one maker single handily completes the making process except for the 1st stage of hammering and forging which is done together with another 2/3 makers.

Who are Kamis?

Kamis are the makers or craftsmen. They are also known as Vishwakarma or Bishwakarma (world makers). Making khukuri is in their blood since they have been doing this for generations. They pick up making khukuri from as early as 10 years old. All kamis are men.

What is the making process??

KHHI has two methods of making. 1) Traditional and 2) Technology. Traditional where bare hand and basic tools are used along with bench grinder. A set of 3 / 4 kamis first do the forging and hammering to achieve the very basic shape and size and then the kami responsible for the knife completes all the making process. Technology; where KHHI use cnc machines for profiling the shape and size of the knife and then handed over to kamis to complete the making process. This process is much faster and easier for kamis and is ONLY used for custom orders and modern kukris that require precision. 70% of KHHI knives are made in "Traditional" method. For detail please see our "MAKING" section.


What are semi and full custom??

Semi custom is defined as changes/additions/alteration of/within the same model. Changes in profiles, materials, minor addition / discarding of features like guard, chirra, lanyard, upper edge, notch etc are considered as "Semi-custom". Full custom is defined as merging or mixing of two complete different knives/models. When a knife/khukuri is made by bringing together profiles, features, concepts etc from two or more models into one is considered as "Full Custom". Any other designs/models other than default are also defined as "Full Custom".

How do I go about designing (order custom order)??

In the menu bar of the site there is a link called "Design/Custom you khukuri" please click it and submit the form by filling in with your requirements. KHHI will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

What styles/model are possible for custom order?? (limitations)

KHHI makes just about any designs/styles/models. Pleases provide us with its photo/sketch or weblink or your requirements/sizes and we will get back to shortly with our feedback/comment. You may simply name the models and requirements if the customization is within our catalog range/variety.

What materials are possible for custom order??

Sadly due to very limited market and resources raw materials are quite limited for custom orders. Therefore KHHI is only able to use its regular raw materials like 5160 and 52100 for blade; wood, horn, paracord, rubber, micarta for handle and treated leather, codura fabric and kydex for sheath.

How long does it take to complete a custom order?

This entirely depends on the style, size and features of the custom knife. Normally KHHI is looking at 20-25 days for Full Custom and 12-15 days for Semi Custom to FWD to the shipper. Here the custom order will wait for its production time (stay in cue) for a week or so. The time frame is clearly stated in the details and costing email sent by KHHI.

How can I pay for a custom design order?

KHHI will send you a shortcut payment link in the costing in email. Click the link (copy and paste if not able to open directly from email) and follow the simple instructions. Put the total amount in the "Amount as Finalized(US$)" field on top.


How do I know which is the best?? Which one is perfect for working/camping/trekking?? What would be ideal for me?? Which one is recommended for using??

All KHHI's knives are very well heat treated/tempered, made for hard use and thoroughly tested so you may pick any one of your choice or as per your requirement. KHHI uses the same steel and raw materials, is made by the same group of makers and under the same process so quality wise all is exactly the same. The only thing you have to know is YOUR PURPOSE of buying the knife OR what would be the main objective of the knife that you are looking to buy!! And on that basis you can pick from our vast selection. At KHHI each knife is well described for easy buying. You can visit our "Catalog" page where we have carefully categorized each khukuri/knife as per its features and also listed out the knives under their "Primary Function" to help you select the most appropriate one for you.

To make matter easy and short, if you are looking to use the knife (primary objective of any knife) then we suggest you going for 9-12 inch long bladed weighing from 400-700gms with raw/unpolished finishing.

Does the blade length and weight of a knife matter??

Yes it matters since knife is a wearable item. You have to be comfortable with the size and weight of the knife. Purpose/objective of the knife is also crucial here. Small/med sizes having light weights are best suited for everyday use where as bigger ones with heavier weights are for heavy duty and aggressive usages.

Which style is more recommended/comfortable??

Style/shape does not really matter as long as the blade is sharp and strong. However for specific reason like stabbing straight style works better and for normal cutting any curved blade does the work. Nonetheless massive curved blade may not be too comfortable or effective since its landing section is limited and cuts in an awkward position.

How do I Search for a specific khukuri to my need?

Enter the product name or keyword/target-word of the searching product in "Search" bar in the header and hit Enter.

Also; go to "Product Catalog" or "Search" link in home page and search for the product as per your required product's feature, price range, size range (blade size) , weight class and knife functionality that are clearly displayed in the page


How long does it take to deliver??

Delivery depends on the stock availability. If the knife is in stock and there is no delay at customs (most of the time it does not) it would take from 10-15-20 days or less. Most of the time KHHI forwards an order to the shipper within 8-10-12 days from the purchase date then it takes other 3-5-7 days to make the delivery to the destination. KHHI uses DHL, TNT, FedEx and USPS for its mailing services.

How long for a bulk order??

Time frame depends on the stock availability. For bulk order, say 50 or 100 pieces KHHI takes about a month or less to FWD it to the shipper. This is clearly mentioned in the costing sent by KHHI to the customer.

Can an order be expedited (work on deadline)??

Yes it is possible. KHHI will prioritized the order, process it ASAP and try to deliver it much faster than the std. time frame. KHHI also works on deadlines (delivery on specific/target date) but this requires additional cost (extra) from USD 10-50. KHHI will pre-inform the buyer if the dates are not possible.

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What about the taxes??
Do we have to pay import /custom charge back in our country?

Tax imposed by the buyer's govt. in his country must be paid by him/her. However this is very rare since KHHI declares all our products under the universally recognized GSP code conferred to 3rd countries like Nepal. We also declare much less value to avoid tax. All necessary documents and paper works are made in order to ease custom, clearance and collection.

What about custom rules and formalities?

We declare all product/s as "Souvenirs from Nepal" or "Traditional Handicrafts from Nepal" under the internationally recognized GSP code provided to KHHI by the Nepalese Govt. so most of the time there is no problem. However if the importing laws of the destination country requires permit and other documentations (as every country has their own laws and we have to get abide by it) then our shipper will notify the buyer to fulfilling the legal steps needed to clear the order from the customs. After releasing it will be delivered to the home/office location of the buyer (the final destination) by the shipper.


Do you ship to ...??

KHHI ships to all countries all over the world. We make special documents under the universally recognized GSP code given to 3rd countries like Nepal for shipping. Add a product/s to cart (Buy) then in the Cart's page there is a list of countries under the Drop Menu Bar where the knives are shipped to.

I do not see India/Russia/... etc as the destination country? Do you not ship there??

Some countries like India, China, Russia are very strict when it comes to khukuri/knife. There is a good chance the custom there could confiscate it therefore such countries are removed from the destination list. However if a customer is willing to take risk and do not mind even if it is held at custom then KHHI would ship it to the address but it cannot be held responsible for any custom issues. All documents and paper works are done as any regular orders and in collaboration with the buyer. Please email us for this.

Why shipping is so expensive??

All shipments are insured and express (airways). Since there are no regular flights from Nepal to most of the destination countries shipments have to go thru connecting routes and take various flights so become expensive. KHHI knows that shipping cost is a big setback so we are trying our label best to decrease it. KHHI is also working on for various options and KHHI DEPOT is the direct result of it. The current shipping rates are actually 5 years old.

Are your knives insured??

Yes all KHHI's knives are insured. Should there be any damages (defects in shipment) to the order in transportation (during shipping) then it is refunded, replaced or negotiated for minor damages.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost?

Click "Shipping Calculator" link in the vertical menu bar of the home page and follow the instructions provided in the opening page OR

How to find out the Shipping status (progress) of my order?

Click "Track my order" icon/link in home page. Insert the tracking number provided by KHHI's shipper in the "Tracking" box and select the courier used from the drop-down list and click "Track" button (the new opening window will give you the current status of your order)

Note: As thousands of shipping (mailing) happens everyday from different countries there is a good chance that your Tracking No. may collide with other shipment/s with the exact same figure. In a case like this, it is recommended to distinguish your shipment from the rest by checking the origin of the shipment which is Kathmandu, Nepal

Can I ship to APO or POB Addresses?

Shipping to "Military (APO) Address" overseas is possible. KHHI uses EMS Nepal for this since it works better as it is run by Nepalese govt. However the problem with APO address is that once the shipment is dropped to the authorize place/body then the status/progress afterwards of the order becomes unknown. Military mailing depart handles it in its own way so it's not possible to track it further. KHHI would therefore recommend a "Standard US Address" in which each and every move of the order can be traced until delivery.

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What is power offer?

Power Offer is such an extra ordinary offer in which the first purchase of a customer will take him to Power level 1 or P1; meaning USD 7.00 will be credited to his name. Similarly his second purchase will take him to Power level 2 in which USD 14.00 will be credited and so forth as given below..

The customer may use his POWER (discount as listed above) at any time at any stage whenever he wishes. For example, if he wants to use his power after reaching P3 or when he is at P3 level then in his next (forthcoming) purchase KHHI will reduce USD24 straight in his total. KHHI would also like to notify that using the given POWER will make a customer powerless (no credit). To find out more please visit our "POWER Offer" page in the menu bar.

How does the "Power" Offer work?

Power is a special offer by KHHI where the more you buy the more will become your Power level and thus more credit/discount on/for the next purchase. You can get discount form USD 7-108. To find out more please visit our "POWER Offer" page in the menu bar.

How can I claim for my power offer?

If you wish to use your Power Credit/Discount then please let us know prior to ordering. KHHI will verify your power level and send you the quote with the allocated Power Credit.

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What is paypal??
What is your online payment system??
How do you process payment, which company??

KHHI uses paypal as its online payment gateway. It is a US based company that is very secured, fast and easy with millions of members. It has its network all over the world. With paypal you can either pay thru opening its account or directly thru you credit/debit card. It is buyer friendly that has buyer protection policies.

How to Order and Pay Online?

What are offline payments options??

Which cards are acceptable for online payment?

Any Credit and Debit card from VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER and AMEX network are acceptable for online payment

Which currencies are accepted?

KHHI (paypal) accepts just about any major currencies. The paying (local) currency of the buyer is auto converted by paypal in USD at the exchange rate set by its system while paying online

Who's Didier Wenger?
Why is the online payment acknowledgement in Didier Wenger's name when I paid to KHHI?

Mr. Didier Wenger is KHHI's official associate and a trusted friend. All the online payment will be credited/deposited into KHHI's Paypal a/c under his name. KHHI's paypal a/c is maintained from Switzerland and maintained by a Swiss, Mr. Didier Wenger.

How do Offer zones work?
How do I pay for products under Offer Zones like Discount Zone.B1G1 FREE??

Click "Discount Zone" or "B1G1 FREE" from the horizontal menu bar in header to find out what products are listed/available. Only products under this category imply for the offer. Follow the steps of "How to Order and Pay Online" as given above

Note: "Discount Zone" offers 15% special discount. The price with strikethrough is the original price of the product. Note: Any product added through B1G1 FREE offer into the cart will be auto doubled by KHHI when processing the order (For instance, 1 x "Jungle" added in cart through B1G1 means 2 x Jungle will be processed)