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Offline Payment Options

If you prefer not to use your credit card over the internet (Pay online) then KHHI also facilitates its customers by providing options payment methods. Please see below the various payment methods KHHI offers:

(KHHI would also like to aware you that it is absolutely safe to use these methods)

- "Bank Wire (+ USD 60 and Bank Fee At Buyer's End)

KHHI will provide the banking details for remittance to the customer when finalizing the order. Please be aware that KHHI bank does not charge anything for receiving the fund on behalf of KHHI.

- "Western Union (+ 3% on Total Cost)

Please pre inform KHHI if you want to use this option. KHHI will then give you the cost and related and necessary info to accomplish payment through this method. You need to send MTC number to KHHI after doing the wiring so that KHHI can track the fund and collect it.

- "Bank Draft/Cheque (+ USD 10 and + 1.5% on Total Cost)

Please pre inform KHHI if you want to use this option. KHHI will then give you the cost and related and necessary info to accomplish payment through this method. The extra charge involved in this payment option entirely depends on the size or volume of the order for which KHHI will info the customer in advance or when finalizing the order.

Handmade Kukuris from KHHI, Nepal

Humvee (Desert Special)

A double sharp edged bladed having a solid and comfortable grip is a violent warfare knife and a friendly..

Price : US$ 74.99

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18" Wooden (MAAR)

18 inch wooden khukuri; a historic, religious, utility and decorative icon, also a no.1 combat khukuri of the Gorkhali..

Price : US$ 119.99

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Dhankute Horn (National Symbols)

Basically a simple working cum decorative knife but with a fancy scabbard that has Nepalese national symbols overlaid on..

Price : US$ 89.99

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Nepal Police (Security)

Issued to the jawans of Nepalese Police Force..

Price : US$ 49.99

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I am ELI (Missionary)

The sacred Bowie Knife of the divine man is skillfully reproduced by KHHI for general public..

Price : US$ 89.99

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Buff Head (the LARGEST)

This is the largest knife made by KHHI and probably in the whole world..

Price : US$ 299.99

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Royal 7 Chirra (Sultan)

the SULTAN like in the real world, is a ceremonial figure yet a destructive force and a great ruler..

Price : US$ 199.99

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When bullet runs out, a bayonet is the Gurkhax first weapon to depend on before he draws out his..

Price : US$ 89.99

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Chukuri Plus (Redefined)

Better and superior version of the reg. Chukuri; redefined and refurnished to incorporate optimum power and versatility; to thrush..

Price : US$ 94.99

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