A Personal Note to You from the MD

As the Managing Director, I welcome you all to our Khukuri House Handicraft Industry. My company’s goal is to provide you with high quality genuine handmade Nepalese khukuris and other knives at a very reasonable price.

But before I proceed further, I would like to share my business background with you. Making Khukuris is our family business, handed down to me by my father. Born into a Gurkha family, my father first introduced me to the Khukuri market in 1994, after I had completed school. I went on to college academics and graduated in 1998, all the while using my free time to look after Khukuri House (KH) and assist my father in our business. In 1999, I became completely involved with KH and started my career as an entrepreneur, finally taking over all the operations and management of KH from my father in 2004. In 2008, I added my own production wing to upgrade KH, renamed it, and founded KHHI, and started its production and retailing, which I do to this day with immense pride and pleasure. We offer the widest variety of khukuris in the world, for every purpose, from decorative to military to working khukuris. We are constantly creating new models to meet changing customer demands. For those who desire a completely unique yet practical khukuri that reflects your exceptional personality, our custom design team awaits you. We have now delivered over 1000 distinctive and very robust custom blades to some of our most discerning customers. The next one could be yours.

I am very proud of our proven ability to deliver sound and reliable khukuris, forged for vigorous daily use, each one lovingly crafted with our eyes set on enduring quality.

Please take your time to look through our current selection. I know that most of you will be thoroughly satisfied with what we already offer. We have categorized our knives according to blade length, weight, price, and function, all to make it very simple and convenient for you to compare each knife to others and find the precise knives that will serve each of your purposes the best.

I am also proud to write this that KHHI is the only company in Nepal or probably in the world to use CNC machines to aid its production on both fronts; Quality and Quantity. We use these high quality advanced machines for our custom-design orders and complicated modern kukri knives (ONLY) that require high accuracy, precision and demand. We very well know that as a company, we must grow and adapt with the ever changing time and technique yet must retain and continue the legacy/method that is our root, our recognition and our pride.

When you have the time for some leisurely but informative reading, I think you'll like our short sections on the rich history and proud traditions of Nepal, the brave and ferocious Ghurkas, and of course, facts about the khukuri knife itself. We are always improving these articles as we learn more ourselves.

As you come to know more about us, you will know that over the years, our mission has expanded beyond providing fine products and increasing the awareness of khukuris, into developing long relationships with all our valued customers. We receive an overwhelming amount of e-mail where business is mixed with pleasure. We love to hear personal stories about you and our khukuris, your testimonials, and how your lifestyles and cultures relate to your use of our khukuris. I am also very proud to have opened a new chapter of KHHI, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) - there is nothing more pleasurable and satisfying than giving some of our good fortune to others, and bringing smiles to the faces of helpless, poor, and deprived people.

If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve our site or product line, feel free to mail us. My entire KHHI team and I are dedicated to being the best we can for you, our valued customers.

Thank you very much and Namaste.

Saroj Lama Tamang, Managing Director
Khukuri House Handicrafts Industry (KHHI) Nepal

- Note that since each of our knives are individually handmade from simple raw materials using traditional methods, all specifications are subject to the rough tolerances of our time-honored techniques and our customary tools and machining

I, as MD of this company also find it very important to alert you all that some individuals and companies are focused on defaming our name and goodwill by calling our products cheap and touristic which we see as nothing but act of cowardliness, selfishness, and more so as a disgust broker and a cheap marketing technique adapted. It is very obvious that they are not competent enough to make their impact in the market and struggling to remain in business. Their defaming words for us only prove that they are not capable of meeting our standards and thus speaking as they please. We challenge these individuals and companies to compete with us in a conducive environment and urge them to be good and responsible human being by not misleading people, speaking the truth and showing respect to others and their works. Furthermore we condemn such misdeeds and warn them of stern legal actions for such illusive actions and cheap thinking.

Handmade Kukuris from KHHI, Nepal

7" MultiCraft (Jungle man)

KHHI unleashes one of its greatest constructions comprising various features to accomplish many different objectives in/by the same multi..

Price : US$ 79.99

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SiruPate Special (Hunter)

A genuine and efficient hunting and trekking kukri, the ultimate hunting knife; be the HUNTER..

Price : US$ 89.99

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Chukuri Plus (Redefined)

Better and superior version of the reg. Chukuri; redefined and refurnished to incorporate optimum power and versatility; to thrush..

Price : US$ 94.99

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Service Ceremonial (Dress Knife)

It is this modern day kukri that stupendously distinct a Gurkha from others and has become an integral part..

Price : US$ 58.99

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KYDEX Sheath (for 10-11" bladed)

A perfect replacement of leather sheaths that will make your khukuri/knife a superior knife - a very worthy tool..

Price : US$ 44.99

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Chuppi (Assault)

A local word in Nepalese that means a sharp pointed knife used for stabbing, offending etc..

Price : US$ 44.99

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4" MUK (Mini Utility Knife)

The mini sized blade makes it very mobile and swift handling, plus special bolster with hand guard feature provides..

Price : US$ 47.99

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Mini Raw UNP (Trekker's)

A mini sized blade, unpolished and raw, designated for small but significant work, for within and beyond one's property,..

Price : US$ 39.99

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Protective Codura Pouch

Very handy and useful when you plan to travel with your kukri..

Price : US$ 9.99

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