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BhojPure (Nepali)

It is more than just a cutting knife for a farmer- in fact its his partner and his safe..

Price : US$ 54.99

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4 MUK (Mini Utility Knife)

The mini sized blade makes it very mobile and swift handling, plus special bolster with hand guard feature provides..

Price : US$ 47.99

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Chukuri Plus (Redefined)_AUS DPT

PRICE incl SHIPPING:: Better and superior version of the reg. Chukuri; redefined and refurnished to incorporate optimum power and..

Price : US$ 119.99

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Mini Raw Panawal (Useful)_AUS DPT

Price incl. SHIPPING:: Mini version of the famous Raw Panawal (Workhorse) - a superb mini heavy duty kukri that..

Price : US$ 74.99

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Gurkha Jungle (Gurkha Contingent, SPF) AUS_DPT

PRICE incl SHIPPING:: the second standard issue to the famous Singapore Police Force Gurkha Contingent or SPFGC of the..

Price : US$ 77.99

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Regular Scabbard (Xtra case for ur kukri)

An extra scabbard comes very handy to continue and sustain the assignment..

Price : US$ 24.99

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