Announcing the start of KHHI's Exclusive "Warrant Card" [1 year Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty]

Hello and Namaste friends, By now KHHI Nepal has become a brand name that is synonyms to High Quality Khukuri and Knives meant for all walks of life. To further boost its image and to give utmost confidence and satisfaction to all buyers KHHI has officially started "Exclusive Lifetime Warranty" for each product w.e.f. 1st Aug 2016. This one-of-a-kind warranty means we take our quality VERY seriously ...... Now you will NOT only feel confident and safe to buy from us but you will also take pride to own a KHHI's product. This card will also completely differentiate KHHI from the herd who tries to fake people by imitating us - that is anything from our name to product to our write ups. The introduction of Warranty Card is one of the most significant steps taken by KHHI to boost its image, quality, goodwill and to bring the highest degree of faith and confidence in the market.