## KYDEX SHEATHX (Advanced version) ##

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BhojPure Dragon

The famous BhojPure kukri, whole heartedly loved by Nepalese with dragon carve furnished in the blade..

Price : US$ 69.99

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6 Jungle PLUS (Heavy-Duty)

For those who prefer an all rounder small size kukri knife that is intended for all types of works..

Price : US$ 59.99

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Chitlange the Savior

Built as a basic and necessary survival cutting tool for out in the jungle and its harshness..

Price : US$ 124.99

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PRICE incl SHIPPING; a MUST if you are planning a trip away from home. CUTTING n HAMMERING go together..

Price : US$ 174.99

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Cross Khukuri Badge

Can be used as a wearable badge or as a mini collection item..

Price : US$ 4.99

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