## KYDEX SHEATHX (Advanced version) ##

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Camouflage Special (Ultimate)

Carried by soldiers in combat to camouflage from the eyes of enemies; a dependent warfare kit..

Price : US$ 52.99

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Royal Stand

Exclusively made to honor a kukri to honor a cause. Highly influenced from monuments made to pay tribute and..

Price : US$ 44.99

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Panawal Dotted (Supreme)

A heavy version designed for heavy stressful work; to endure and to last the harshest treatment; is the mother..

Price : US$ 69.99

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SiruPate 15" (Famous)

The effortless yet effective SiruPate 15 would be a great knife to pick up from when longer yet lighter..

Price : US$ 89.99

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6 Jungle PLUS (Heavy-Duty)

For those who prefer an all rounder small size kukri knife that is intended for all types of works..

Price : US$ 59.99

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McKnife (McCurdy Special)

An outstanding utility hand crafted piece you dont wanna miss or mess with

Price : US$ 74.99

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