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>> COOL CANADA here we come to your land. Its such a great pleasure and honor to finally step in. Best compliments to this great nation from KHHI Nepal <<

CHEAP buy, FAST delivery, Hassle FREE and SUPER safe buying like never before for all CANADIAN customers.
Delivery within 7* days or get your money back. You save, its swift and above all NO TAX hassle. Hence buying cannot get better and bigger than this….. All these knives are already out there in “ready-to-ship” mode in Ontario N5Y3Y1, Canada. Our good friend and partner Michael Laidlow is handling KHHI’s Ca depot. He is a great knife enthusiast, collector and has great knowledge in this field. Hurry up guys we have very limited Stock!!

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12" SiruPana (SASSY) CA_dpt

Price Incl SHIPPING: A khukri made for play and display; one that can be..

Price : US$ 104.99

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12" Survival Kukri (Alive)_CA dpt

Price Incl SHIPPING:: A must for adventure seekers, nature explorers, wild surfers and die..

Price : US$ 119.99

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15" X Special (Vengeance) CA_dpt

Price Incl SHIPPING: This knife happens to be a combination of the famous,..

Price : US$ 129.99

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3 Chirra (the Beast) CA_dpt

PRICE incl SHIPPING; A deadly looking kukri, a beast like character that would mercilessly..

Price : US$ 124.99

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6" Jungle PLUS (Heavy-Duty)_CA dpt

Price incl Shipping; For those who prefer an all rounder small size that is..

Price : US$ 79.99

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Battleman (Fight n Field knife) _CA dpt

PRICE incl SHIPPING; a lethal Fighting knife and a very effective Field knife..

Price : US$ 144.99

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Biltong (Pocket Khukuri)_CA DPT

Price Incl. SHIPPING:: Perfect size, the combination of steel and sharp edge and ability..

Price : US$ 37.99

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KHHI Bowie (with PWR HMR)_CA dpt

PRICE incl SHIPPING; a MUST if you are planning a trip away from home...

Price : US$ 174.99

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Mini Panawal (Perfect)_CA DPT

PRICE incl SHIPPING:: The heaviest of all mini versions; built for long heavy stressful..

Price : US$ 79.99

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Nepal Police (Security) CA_dpt

PRICE incl. SHIPPING Issued to the jawans of Nepalese Police Force..

Price : US$ 69.99

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Operation Iraqi Freedom (Mission)_CA dpt

PRICE incl SHIPPING; A special and unique kukri designated for the soldiers serving in..

Price : US$ 107.99

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SiruPate 15" (Famous) CA_DPT

PRICE incl SHIPPING; The effortless yet effective SiruPate would be a great knife..

Price : US$ 119.99

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SiruPate Slim UNP (Handy) CA_DPT

Price Incl. SHIPPING: A SiruPate or a slimmer version that is unpolished, made of..

Price : US$ 72.99

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