One of the major sources of a great success of KHHI besides quality and dedication is the online websites it has to its name. KHHI has taken all necessary steps and measures to ensure that the site is absolutely worthy to visit, a must stopover for khukuri and Gurkha fanatics. KHHI has also put every effort to make the site different and stand out from the rest. Each and every points and topics from minute to major are addressed properly and professionally. Color combination and contents, presentation and procedures, fonts and images, online shopping and payment etc have all been given special care and attention so that visiting, purchasing, downloading and contacting is very simple and user friendly.

The site is made plain and simple yet has style and class of its own, very user friendly and easy to surf, informative and with high quality images, encloses very helpful links and amazing offers, provides special and exclusive services, contains very reasonable rates and detail information, is original and legitimate, very exciting and enjoyable, and above all integrated with a very dedicated online payment system where safe and secure mode of payment are 100% guaranteed.

KHHI's sites are created using “Server Side Script, PHP” and “My SQL” as the database. Dedicated and most secured gateways are integrated that uses “SSL (Secure Socket Layer)” where online transactions are completely secret and safe. This modern technology is not only easy to use but also totally protected by the card issuing bank so that unauthorized and illegal use of the card is prohibited. All the designs and development of the sites are done through “Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2007”, “Adobe Photoshop 7.0” and “Macromedia Flash MX”.

KHHI Forum:
(coming soon..)
KHHI has firmly established itself as the major manufacturer and retailer of genuine army and local khukuris in the world. Realizing the need for a “Forum” (Discussion Panel) for a pioneer and a leading khukuri company like KHHI “KHHI Forum” has been initiated to fill up the vacate and enhance the company image. The forum is operated and managed by ex-10GR “Lalit Kumar Lama where one can share his/her comments, feedback, view, thoughts, ideas and also one's experience with KHHI, it's products and services and others. One is permitted to put up or take out his own subject matter and interact or discuss with other forum members and visitors. KHHI Forum is an open discussion panel or platform made very simple and easy where anybody has the right and everybody is invited to share and write their own views and versions. Welcome to KHHI Forum!!!

KHHI special and exclusive services, links and offers:

KHHI is so different and superior because of its high quality and top priority to its customers. Besides excellence in makings, KHHI's commitment and duty towards it customers since day one has always kept it two steps ahead than its competitors. Keeping customers and its prospective in mind KHHI provides various special features and links in the site so that going about the site, using, visiting and ordering is simple, brief and helpful. Similarly special online services are offered with an objective to serve and facilitate a customer to make the best use of it. Likewise not forgetting the unique and exclusive offers like the “Patriotic Discount”, “Life Time Offer” and "5 Plus Dicount" where a group of qualified people can make the most of it. All these extraordinary features and services put up by KHHI are totally customer oriented to ensure surfing is easy and their requirements are attended.

Similarly, KHHI also takes pride and pleasure in saying that it is the first khukuri company to introduce and entertain many forms of superb online offers and discounts. Keeping in mind the number of visitors, their needs, demands and suggestions, to encouraging and facilitating customers, to rollover the production, to widening and grasping market various amazing offers have been listed so that buying is CHEAPER and BETTER.

Below all special features and links, exclusive services and amazing offers available in the site are listed:

Special links and services
- Shipping Calculator (Calculate the shipping cost to a country)
- Searchtation (Quick search a Khukuri by name)
- Freshtation (Find out what's latest at KHHI )
- Kukri of the month (See a particular Kukri Knife in detail)

Special Service
- Design Your Khukuri (Make your own wanted Khukuri by us)
- FREE Engraving (Engrave name and text for free)
- Imprint Your Logo (Make us imprint or engrave a logo in the blade/s)
- Update Me (Make us update you with the latest)

Offer Zone
- Discount Zone (Get 15% or more Discount than the regular price)
- B1G1 FREE (1 for 2, 2 for 4 and so on)

Exclusive Services
- Contact Online (Contact KHHI instantly, within secs)
- Download Catalog (Download KHHI product in detail)
- Download Info Broucher (Download Brief Kukri & Gurkha Info)
- Download Manual (Download precaution and ways of handling & maintenance of khukuri )
- NEWS (latest news and infos on Kukri and Gurkha published in local and international newpapers and magazines (coming soon..)

Exclusive Offers
- Patriotic Discount (10% less for all men and women in uniform) (For this pls email KHHI in advance)
- Life Time Discount (10% less + 10% Shipping Cost coverage + 2 x Gift Hampers each time/purchase, throughout life)
- 5 plus Discount (10% discount for purchase of 5 qty or more) (For this pls email KHHI in advance)

and above all, get detail information and knowledge on "Kukri" and "Gurkha" prepared by KHHI’s expert research team led by Saroj Lama Tamang (owner) himself..

We have come across numerous companies claming themselves to be genuine manufacturers of khukuris which is in fact not always true and we condemn such activities. We would therefore appeal all our visitors/buyers to be aware of such scamps and be extra cautious when buying online. We want our customers to get real things from the real people.

KHHI has been in this business in Nepal for over 17 years and has proved to be the best Khukuri manufacturer in the country. This achievement of ours is largely due to our strict adherence to quality as customer satisfaction is our motto. Due to easy access to internet, numerous individuals and khukuri shops in Nepal are coming up with different online sites and ideas featuring fake khukuris with a sheer objective to earn money. Worse, they are using our photos, our research articles and literatures illegally and some even claims and pretends to be part of us and have misused our reputation. We therefore urge all our valued customers and visitors to be aware of such misdeeds and be extra cautious when shopping online. We request all to help us maintain our originality and authenticity because we believe that buying or selling duplicates not only affects the image of our national knife to the world but also discourages skill craftsmanship to produce genuine handicraft. We solemnly urge our customers to be aware and take extra caution, and pledge to uphold the reputation of genuine manufacturer of khukuri and save the age old talent of craftsmanship of Kamis in Nepal.

Please be aware that "Khukuri House Handicraft Industry" has THREE more "Kukri" websites and one partner site for online Nepalese traditional and contemporary handmade carpets. :: :: :: :: (online RUG site)