A simple statement and the truth, a real company dedicated to creating excellence. Blade-smith and khukuri forging is religion, tradition, livelihood, everyday life and above all passion and expression at KHHI. Khukuri House with the change in the name for growth and dedication, now particularly known as KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY is set up in the capital city (Kathmandu) to substantially increase production, upgrade quality and to monitor a number of small factories KHHI has in east Nepal. Besides this, the main objective is to standardize the khukuri industry that has been running locally in grassroots level and also to provide kamis the better opportunities and facilities. The main speciality of KHHI is to have its own manufacturing industry in the heart of capital city, fully registered under the Nepalese Governments Terms and Conditions.

Khukuri House Handicraft Industry vows personally to bring worldwide recognition and respect to the historic khukuri knife and its commitment to uplifting the status of Kamis financially and socially. KH now known as KHHI was established with an objective to improve the quality of khukuri, save the name of khukuri and give worldwide recognition to this most feared and legendary knife so we at KHHI put in our every effort to produce the very best quality and give excellent services to achieve this objective.

Everyone from laborers to staff to owners (ex – Gurkhas) work hard round the clock tirelessly to produce quality khukuris that would not only serve a buyer effectively but would also earn respect and admiration from the user. A marvelous piece of craftsmanship that would live up to the legacy and fame of the khukuri that it carries and appeals to the world. We use the finest and strongest raw materials that are locally available and are also imported from India when necessary. Raw materials are checked, re-checked and selected before they are finally put to use. Kamis then do what they do the best; expertise within that has been passed down to them from generations; they turn a raw material into a real masterpiece.

Making quality khukuri is a very laborious and time consuming that requires a great skill, hard work and endurance. Craftsmen at KHHI despite all these hurdles undertake their job skillfully and sincerely. A single khukuri demands 3 kamis to work for 3 long days to have it achieved into what we call at KHHI a PURFECT khukuri that claims the hallmark of the authentic khukuri. The making process goes through painstaking step by step process from weighing to heating to forging to chising to tempering to filing to sharpening etc each step executed brilliantly and systematically. It is a pure team work, done by the professionals who have earned the fame and honor as the "Born khukuri makers". The finished products are also checked and tested several times over before they are finally approved for selling and exporting. All the making process undertaken by KHHI is very traditional, the same old method that has been handed over from generation to generation within the kamis. We make sure that our khukuri are made in a very traditional ways by using only basic tools so that we can keep the tradition alive and that the khukuri remains as pure and distinctive work of art that is completely hand crafted. Top quality and maintaining traditional methods despite of all the emerging modern technology have always been our prime focus.

NOTE:: We would like to bring to your notice that KH is the only company in Nepal that runs its own factory and is directly involve in both manufacturing and retailing sectors

Prices and Varieties:
The two things that distinct KHHI with others are the price and quality it offers; price is low yet the quality is high! KHHI is able to reasonably lower its prices because of the bulk purchase of raw materials, huge production and effective management. This helps to decrease the cost per unit and thus offer better prices than competitors. Similarly bulk purchase in a regular manner sustains massive production even at the critical shortage period in the market. KHHI has the ability to produce more than 500 high quality khukuri per month and its excellent handcrafted khukuris start from US$ 9 onwards. Besides the top quality, KHHI offers what we call as the widest and wildest range of varieties of khukuris never seen and heard before. Keeping in mind the market prospective and maintaining the originality KHHI makes number of khukuris that run from army types to historic, to village versions to working and utility, to decorative to sacrificial to some very unique and advance khukuris made on demand. The Design Unit in KHHI also provides design service where a customer can make his own custom khukuris to his taste and preference. We share our expertise and experience to help a customer to create his own worthy khukuri. We give the best possible customer service and support during and even after any purchase. Each order and customer is a top priority and given immediate attention to handle or solve a matter in a timely and friendly manner. 80% of our customers are returnee and loyal, always wanting to buy more, this simple and sincere static proves that truth behind the success of the KHHI.