Introduction to Khukuri House- KHHI, Nepal

KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY (KHHI) is a well-established business house that has been in the field since 1991. KHHI is established inside the Industrial Estate (Patan Industrial Estate) and is been registered under Industry Business Act 2049, Article 4 and 5 in Section 10. KHHI is affiliated to Small Cottage Industry of Nepalese Government having its registration number as 6026/299/064/065. KHHI is also the member of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Association of Handicraft Industry and Patan Chamber of Commerce. It is one of the most seek out company amongst the kukri industry in Nepal and around the world. The company is given official industry number and stands as "Industry No. 101" amongst more than 120 industries inside Patan Industrial Estate, Nepal.

KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY (KHHI) has grown in different ways from its establishment in 1991 until now. KHHI is a renaming of KHUKURI HOUSE (KH) to recognize its growth and expansion/establishment inside Patan Industrial Estate.
KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY or KHHI is a GENUINE Khukuri seller and is the world’s first manufacturer and retailer of khukuris and has a strong reputation as being the first official supplier and maker for the British Gurkhas. KHHI is strict in terms of producing quality kukri hence claims to be the first company offering warranty and guarantee to its products. It also claims to be the first company in saving the state of Khukuri which was in the verge of extinction and bringing up to national and international level. Along with the business it has KHHI’s commitment in uplifting the status of its craftsmen (Kami’s) differentiates it from the rest.
KHHI believes in original concepts, innovation and originality. Designs in our website, our literature, picture layouts are all KHHI's own concepts. We at KHHI is always looking to come up with new  and innovative designs however not forgetting the  roots of its origin, we thrive to offer better services and better quality khukuris to its customers.  
We feel proud to be a pioneer in this field and we welcome all seeking guidance in this field but duplication and imitation of kukri and its design has crippled the kukri market. We at KHHI condemns this act of copying and would request for healthy market options. We request all buyers and visitors to be aware of buying imitations, we wish that all buyers gets genuine items from genuine sellers.

History, the beginning.

Every industry has its own history, we have ours too.

The story of Khukuri house started with the motivation of making quality kukris to be supplied to British Gurkhas. Ex-10GR Mr. Til Bahadur Bishwakarma after retirement from Gurkha Army joined Gurkha Reserve Unit, Brunei. In his 10 years of service he was disappointed with the quality of khukuri that was supplied to recruits. Officials wanted Mr. TB BK to supply them with better khukuris after finishing his terms in Brunei as they knew he had the ability to do so. With the support from officials Mr BK was determined to save the name of the khukuri that was almost in the verge of extinction. He joined hands with Mr Lalit Kumar Lama Ex - 10GR who was asked to supply some khukuris to the recruits in British Gurkhas Nepal (BGN) who was as well embarrassed to supply low quality kukri from the local smith. The joining of two hands led to establishment of KHUKURI HOUSE (KH). Their venture was successfully executed and later in 1991 they realized the need to establish the factory and a showroom so that khukuris can also be promoted to the local market. Thus Khukuri House was formed in March of 1991 and encrypted itself in the history as the first genuine khukuri company in Nepal.


After the great success in more than 18 years Khukuri House was handed over to the younger generation of the founders. Though the founders Ex -10GRs Mr. Lalit Lama and TB BK continue to supervise, support and assist the ongoing business, the major roles has been taken over by younger generation.
Mr. Saroj Lama Tamang , younger son of Mr Lama successfully operated the “Khukuri House” however he is someone looking towards height, he started  four online e-commerce sites for over 4 years and now established “Khukuri House Handicraft Industry” (KHHI) in the heart of the Industrial Estate of Patan. Mr Saroj Lama is the sole proprietor of KHHI and operates KHHI with his technical and production team. This industry is established to reinforce better quality, committed customer service and larger production. He aspires to take Khukuri to different parts of the world and bring its story of history and glory to the world.

KHHI Trademark
Technology has made our life easier however it has made it difficult too for some. Our images from our website has been misused by many competitors copying the picture and claiming that the kukri is originally their product. Unfortunately, we do not have strict cyber laws for online vendors. Hence, all our kukris are now stamped with our logo (official trademark) to distinguish ourselves from the rest. We hold responsible for only those kukris that are stamped. Please ensure that you buy genuine kukris from a genuine seller.

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Please be aware that KHHI has TWO more online "kukri" websites : and and only ONE show room in Patan Industrial Estate, Lagankhel, Nepal

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We have come across too many companies claming themselves to be genuine manufacturers of kukris which is in fact all untrue and we condemn such activities. We would therefore appeal all our visitors/buyers to be aware of such scamps and be extra cautions when buying online. After all, we want you to get the real things from the real people.Contact us if somebody is using KH's property; win FREE kukri  Report A MISDEED

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