KHHI has come a long way and seen a tremendous growth since its first establishment as KH (Khukuri House) in 1991. Initially as a retailer and wholesaler and later as a mass manufacturer of high quality Khukuris and Knives, it has gathered a great deal of knowledge, expertise and has experienced a dramatic growth and has been able to successfully distinguish itself as a world class maker of original Nepalese khukuris and international knives. KHHI in the process of working as a manufacturer has also realized the importance of having minor and major machineries along with skilled and highly qualified manpower (craftsmen) to develop and to deliver our services professionally on both fronts; Quality and Quantity. Thus over the years KHHI’s vigorous research, knowledge and competence has successfully implemented CNC machines to aid in its production and further improve its capability and reputation as a branded company. The usage of advanced machines has vastly helped the custom-design department and modern kukris/knives that require high accuracy, precision and demand. Likewise, we are very proud to announce that we are the ONLY company in Nepal and probably in the world to use cnc machines to execute the making effectively and expertly. Here we would like to clarify two things:
Lastly, we would like to announce to all our visitors, buyers and stakeholders that we undertake both process of making; the Traditional (forging) and the Technology (profiling) hand in hand with 75% of our knives being manufactured in primitive method handed down from generation to another. Machineries have been introduced to aid production, quality and accuracy ONLY BUT not to replace the primitive handmade method. As a company, we are growing and adapting with the ever changing time and technique since we or any other company for that matter cannot always rely on its manpower and his resources YET we continue our legacy that we are recognized and renowned for. This is actually an example of a company that rises and flows with the time yet keeps its feet on the ground.