We at KHHI give priority to originality and self innovation and creativity. We have always created and maintain our originality since the beginning of the establishment of Khukuri House in 1991. Our literature, appearance, style, decoration, online presentation, ideas and concept, planning and development etc have always been KHHI's own creativity and concepts. Khukuri House Handicraft Industry is always exploring new avenues to give better services and better quality khukuris to its customers; introducing fresh perceptions to facilitate and entertain online visitors with series of offers, services and benefits.

We take extreme pleasure and satisfaction to proclaim that KHHI always planned, created, initiated and executed its very own originality. We believe in ourselves, our principle, our objectives, our determination and our class.

Becoming a pioneer and leader is good because people follow your foot steps but when the duplication and imitation starts, the market is crippled. Many individuals and companies have copied us and even pretended to be us and we strictly condemn such acts. We as Khukuri House (KH) and now more so as Khukuri House Handicraft Industry (KHHI) is ORIGINAL and a LEADER; this is the reason why it is the best and invincible. We urge all online buyers and visitors to be aware and extra cautious when buying online as buying fake or imitation is an unfortunate to both parties.

Services and staff of KHHI have been quoted as extra ordinary by many buyers. Execution of best service and support covers not only prior to purchasing or finalizing an order but also extends its services well after completing an order. Queries and comments are looked after and sorted out as long as there is one. Our friendly and helpful staff works around the clock with utmost sincerity, great enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism to handle orders and to meet the demands and request of each and every customer. Different new technologies are placed in the site with a sheer intention to help a customer effectively and instantly. Various first hand testimonials are uploaded in the site to verify our excellence in the business. Co-operation, communication and co-ordination are the three wagon wheel of KHHI that keeps the company sprinting and scoring